Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Daily Deal: Xbox 20th Anniversary Wireless Controller Pre-order Live on Amazon

The long-awaited Xbox 20th Anniversary Controller You can now pre-order on Amazon for £ 59.99. It will be released on November 15th. This is the best time to get a gamepad after the Microsoft Store is out of stock.

Also, you can now get Metroid Dread for free. £ 35 Must be one of the absolute best deals of the year. All you need to do is enter the code GAMENEXTDAY at checkout from Currys. This kind of promotion in Currys rarely lasts long, so don’t hang out and get your order as soon as possible.

TL; DR-Great Deals

Xbox 20th Anniversary Controller is now available for pre-order

Shipped on November 15th

Xbox 20th Anniversary Wireless controller

Important M.2 1TB SSD up to £ 125.99: Works on PS5

Crucial P5 Plus 1TB M.2 SSD

Compatible M.2 heatsink

Metroid Dread drops to £ 34.99 on Curry’s GAMEN EXDAY

Metroid dread

Nintendo switch

Metroid Fear

Use the promotion code “GAME NEXT DAY”

30% off £ 49.99

Save on Amazon Devices: Fire TV Stick, Echo Buds, etc.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition up to £ 30 on Amazon (previously £ 50)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Switch OLED inventory on Amazon (£ 309.99)

Nintendo Switch-White
Nintendo Switch-Neon

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