Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Cruis’n Blast Review-IGN

Created for those who are allergic to brake buttons, Cruis’n Blast is a ridiculously chaotic slowback racer that is goofy, cheesy and flashy in the almost extinct style of arcade racing that once dominated the road. It’s an ode. Cruis’n Blast is very easy to pick up and play, and is prepared to appeal to those whose favorite colors start with the word “neon”, proudly wearing all the old-fashioned sensibilities. It is attached.

This is somewhat refreshing, but the unfortunate side effect of its simple arcade approach is that it’s thrilling after just a few afternoons, and it looks as prehistoric as a cheerful and distinctive garage. There is no doubt.

Above all, Cruis’n Blast is reasonably fast, which is arguably the greatest asset. Cruis’n Blast is a fast-forward racing game, and every event feels like trying to hug a heat-seeking missile fired from a waterslide. The chaos can overlap and it can be a little numb after a while, but the speed makes the race a lot of fun.

Above all, Cruis’n Blast is reasonably fast, and this speed is arguably the greatest asset.


Tumble cruise

If you’re wondering if Cruis’n Blast somersault or cork screwed cars will require advanced controller skills to perform these tricks, you can stop wondering. There is really no Tony Hawk level complexity with a turbocharger here. In most cases, the flashy flips I made during play were completely coincidental. To be honest, most of the stunts don’t really seem to matter much to win or lose, but it’s generally very effective to tear Willy behind his opponent, turn it over, and overtake him.

Despite its appearance, Cruis’n Blast is actually very easy to play. In fact, it took me several hours to realize that there was a dedicated brake button. Even after knowing it’s there, I haven’t used it yet. By rubbing the boundaries of a tolerant track, you can return to the course with little or no loss of momentum. Drift is not very demanding and it is very easy to carve corners by increasing or decreasing the drift angle. Like many arcade racers, drift is the key to building a boost. Cruis’n Blast allows you to maintain drift at very low angles. Building boosts are not a hassle, as this is low enough to sustain long straight roads.

The best racing game ever