Friday, September 17th, 2021

Cruis’n Blast is coming to Nintendo Switch

© Original Thrill/Nintendo

Update: This is official, Cruis’n Blast It is unique to the Nintendo Switch game console-it was confirmed in today’s Nintendo Direct.

This is some PR:

Cruis’n Blast for Nintendo Switch has a total of 29 exciting tracks, including all five fan favorite tracks from the arcade version of the game (Death Valley, London, Madagascar, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore), and 23 upgradeable vehicles – From licensed supercars to unicorns. The game supports up to four players on the same console or through different consoles played locally.

Cruis’n Blast will be released on Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2021, and the specific date will be announced soon.

ability [Thu 20th May, 2021 09:00 BST]: This Cruise’n This series was once seen as Nintendo’s attempt to break into the lucrative arcade racing market, which was once seen as Ridge Racer, OutRun with Daytona, USA.

Released on the arcade in 1994, Cruise USA The first entry in the franchise was designed to showcase the powerful features of Nintendo 64 and achieved commercial success, but the home version came out two years later but it was a bit disappointing.This hasn’t stopped the game from producing several sequels, the most recent of which is Cruis’n Blast, It entered the arcade market in 2017.

It looks like this game is now moving towards consoles, because the rating is on May 19th and Australian Classification Council. Although the format is not mentioned, Nintendo owns the ownership of the series should Means that Switch will be involved.

The original Cruis’n USA was developed by the legendary Eugene Jarvis for Midway Games, a joint venture between Williams (owner of Midway) and Nintendo. Cruis’n Blast was developed by Raw Thrills. Jarvis was founded in 2001 and licensed by Nintendo.