Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Cris Tales is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass

The long-awaited RPG through time and space Crisis story it is finally over. After seven years of development, we reflected on how much work was done on this overly ambitious independent project. The developers from the Columbia studio Dreams Uncorporated made it clear from the beginning that they were passionate about the project and made no sacrifices in bringing their unique vision into reality-this is not an exaggeration. The entire game world can be explored in the past, present, and future, and may change drastically due to the choices you make throughout the story. Almost every building, character, and enemy needs to be drawn and animated three times.

In the end, it was the attention to detail that made this project such an inspiring and enjoyable project. give them, Crisis story Not just a turn-based role-playing game, but a fusion of indie games and all the advantages of Colombian culture, which inspires many character designs and locations that you will explore in the game.

In the past few years, the overwhelming support we received from the community has been the driving force for the team to move forward. From sharing fan art on social media to meeting us in person on PAX and E3, to commenting on new trailers and even playing your favorite character, fan support has always been a major contribution to making this game today By.

Crisis story

Time to meet new people

After a young orphan named Chris Bell became a novice Time Mage, she was warned by her friendly frog partner Matthias, waiting for the catastrophic fate of their world. Chris Bell is determined to save her home, and she will form a brigade of colorful partners to stop the Queen of Time and her vision for a disastrous future. During her journey, she will recruit Christopher Mage warrior, a defense expert who uses split shields, William Wilhelm, a child mage who commands magic to support his team, Waikasas who uses various lucky items to attack, and JKR- 721, a robot uses his enhanced speed to guide electricity to launch a series of attacks. Up to 3 members can be active in your party at a time, so please mix and match your favorites!

Change the past, change the present, save the future

Chris Bell’s ability as a time mage allows you to see the past, present, and future on one screen at the same time. When exploring different kingdoms, these triangular panes provide you with windows for each period, and Matias can directly interact with them by jumping between them. These are updated in real time, so the decisions you make in various missions and side missions will show the impact of your behavior in all three time zones. Every choice you make will affect the development of the world, and you will be able to witness how these choices immediately shape the future, for better or for worse.

Crisis story

Unique spin for turn-based combat

These unique time attributes also apply to combat. Throwing enemies into the past or future may manipulate their age, making them young and inexperienced, capable of causing less damage, or being old and weak, making their defenses weaker. This power can also be combined with the skills of your teammates-if the enemy is thrown into the future, you can apply William’s poison to an enemy at the same time, and cause damage in a few rounds, take a lot of burst damage, and prevent them from receiving hurt. Cure it. Similarly, heavy armored enemies hit by Christopher’s water magic can be thrown into the future. Water will cause the armor to rust and reduce its defense performance. However, over time, some enemies may become stronger-an old wounded monster thrown into the past may become more agile and aggressive. Understanding how your team’s abilities work together and how time manipulation will affect different enemies is essential for survival in some of the tougher battles in the game.We encourage you to try all different combinations to find your own strategy

Crisis story

Crisis story‘There are so many things to do in a vibrant world, and it’s almost impossible to see it for the first time. With the ability to observe how the world develops and changes, everyone including the background characters will have their own stories to tell. Walking beside a soldier in the town, let him become the little boy trained in the past, the outstanding soldier now, and the future veteran, all in a few seconds. Maybe you might even fight him now, just to notice his mysterious disappearance in the future.No matter what choice you make, we hope everyone will enjoy the time with them Crisis story.

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Cris Tales is a gorgeous independent love letter written to classic JRPG from a new perspective. Looking back on the past, grasping the present, watching your choices dynamically change the future-when you play the game, all of this is on one screen! Join the newly awakened Time Mage Chris Bell and her fantasy companions, and enter a fantasy world facing a grim future. The mighty Queen of Time and her army threatened to cause a catastrophe, tearing apart Crystal and the other four kingdoms in the area. In order to stop the Queen of Time and rewrite the future of this land, you will embark on a tragic journey through the kingdom, meet and recruit powerful allies to assist in the battle. Master their abilities and Chris Bell’s unique time magic to defeat powerful enemies-let them go back in time to face their weaker and younger selves, and send an enemy to a poison they have succumbed to the present application All the damage in the future, or create your own strategy in this unique combat system. As Chris Bell’s ability grows, you will make choices that will have a profound impact on the people you meet—the consequences will affect the world you experience in real time throughout your journey. Every character, NPC, enemy, and even kingdom has a past, present and one or more futures, depending on your actions! The exquisite hand-drawn 2D art is animated frame by frame, bringing the possibility of branching to life in more than 20 hours of games. Experience a unique combination of branch stories, innovative battles, and classic RPG excitement, in Cris Tales’ exciting and unforgettable exploration of how our actions echoed over time. Main Features • A love letter to classic JRPGs – Inspired by classic JRPGs such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Valkyrie Profile, and modern classic games such as Bravely Default and Persona 5, you can meet and recruit unique teammates, challenge countless enemies, and create Travel across the vast world. • Experience the past, present, and future at the same time – examine and learn from the past, decide what to do now, and change the course of the future in a way that dynamically reshapes the world based on the choices you make. • Master strategic turn-based combat-twist your enemies into the past or the future, synchronize attacks to enhance team capabilities, and master the timing of attacks and defenses to surpass the limits of your team in combat. • Uncover fascinating stories and characters-the queen’s conspiracy to destroy the world is complex and multi-layered. Use your wisdom, recruit powerful allies around the world, uncover and dissolve her multi-faceted network, and move towards the true ending of this fascinating story. • Discover the beautiful world-board an airship or boat and travel through this hand-made dark fairy tale world. From the shiny Kingdom of Crystallis to the slums of Saint Clarity, explore each unique place and shape its future. ”