chocolate? Or is it a piece of Sonic’s body? This Christmas brings back the old dilemma, as customers are forced to choose between two things that make their vacation a special time. Or I think you can get both..

Yes, thanks to the ongoing partnership between Sega and Numskull Designs, this new Advent calendar starring the famous Blue Blur himself will soon be on the shelves. Open each of the 24 calendar doors and you’ll see a new piece of Sonic’s statue, and when Christmas finally comes, you’ll see a really nice doll.

Each piece can be clicked in place by hand, so no tedious glue is needed here. You can also pre-order as you are talking about. You can get it from the following link. United Kingdom (£ 39.99), Europe (39,26 €), And that United States ($ 47.99)..

So it’s a bit more expensive than a regular Advent calendar, but who can say no to that face?

Sonic’s face is, oh, dear …

Sonic Advent Calendar

Do you treat someone special to one of these in December? Do you imagine all the figurines yourself? Please tell me below.