Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Cracked Review-IGN

Fracked just wants you to have fun, so it throws a lot at you. Take part in shootouts, climb nasty structures, solve puzzles, and zip lines from platform to platform. You may have seen all the individual parts in other VR games, but that’s not a big deal. I had little time to think about which game did what first, as it focused me from action scene to action scene.

The setting here is a mining operation run by an evil company. Your job is to kill all the workers before confronting the maniac CEO, a talkative companion with a foul mouth and a southern drool (don’t worry, they’re purple interdimensional zombies). .. This is a great setting, but it’s hardly original. How many times have evil companies stopped stealing planetary resources? However, the voice actors are great and the whole thing feels stylish in a way not found in many PSVR games.

At first, you will notice that you are skiing in the snowy mountains. There is little time to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cell shades before the explosion causes an avalanche to overtake. Occasionally, beat-driven electronic music begins and fits nicely into the style of the world. This is an exciting start that perfectly matches the upcoming action hero exploits.

You need a pair of Move controllers to play Fracked. In the headset, these are in your hands and are visually displayed as plump floating gloves. Use them to pull behind the cover, shoot a gun to reload, climb a ladder, turn a crank, or operate a lever.

Everything feels good when you need to climb, reload, or use your hands.


The Move controller doesn’t have an analog stick, but you can move it completely freely. The controls work very well. Everything is considered, especially if you are familiar with games like Skyrim VR that use similar control schemes. And if you need to climb, reload your weapons, or use your hands in general, everything feels comfortable. It didn’t take long to get the hang of control, and soon I was easily navigating the hillside mining process.

The pace of the campaign is very diverse, with environmental puzzles and exciting climbing sections scattered between action-filled shooting areas. In fact, I preferred quiet sections to shootouts. Shootouts may feel pulled out and repeated after a while. One of the reasons is that there are not enough types of enemies and there are few types of enemies. You usually have a soldier with a basic gun that just stands there and shoots you. And when they get close enough, there’s an explosive variety that runs towards you and explodes with a one-hit kill. Finally, you’ll encounter a heavy tank that litters the ground with land mines. There are no talking bosses or other enemies that could rethink your combat approach.

There is a lack of enemy diversity and there are only a few types of enemies.


Weapons feel comfortable to use, but unfortunately more powerful weapons such as shotguns and grenade launchers are disposable and disappear when you run out of ammo. Therefore, the only two guns that can be accessed at any time are an automatic weapon like Uzi, which fires a pistol and a laser. These are practical, but not exciting. It would be nice to have more weapon types available during a given shootout.

A small amount of combat is fine, but in the second half of the approximately three-hour run time, you’ll have to kill many enemies before you can move on. I’ve died quite a few in these sections, but often felt unfair. For example, kamikaze enemies usually make noise when approaching, but can also appear behind and explode without warning.

Fortunately, there’s a lot more to do besides combat. You can ski, climb, zipline between platforms, operate cranes, and much more in different places. I’ve done most of these things in VR before, but never in the same game. Climbing is especially fun. From the outside, the Move controller may look ridiculous, but the headset is shimmy around a collapsing structure like Nathan Drake. The puzzles also run well and are never too difficult or too easy.

But as I approached my final encounter, the combat section became more frequent, and the map was flooded with more and more waves of enemies, slowing down before it was over. But before that, it was a lot of fun.