Cosy Grove brought the Nintendo Switch a forest-like soundness earlier this year, but we were a little confused. The game lacked a lot of vitality and content that would come back every day. This seems to change with the new Autumn Update of developer SpryFox. This can significantly improve the quality of life and tempt you to return to the game.

Interior decoration


The biggest thing is that you can actually do it, at least for us Get inside your house now.. Read “We know you’ve long wanted to be in your tent” SpryFox Blog, “But some serious technical hurdles have prevented us from supporting that feature … ever!” You will be able to decorate your interior. This means you’ll be able to use all the decorative items you’ve never had before, as well as “many new decorations” specially made for your tent.

Like Animal Crossing, the exterior of the tent does not reflect the size of the interior, but the more you upgrade your tent, the more rooms you have.

New animal

Apparently this is a cat, not a dog
Apparently this is a cat, not a dog

And what do you need for a cozy home with new furniture? A pet that ruins it all. You have a chance to adopt a cat. “Adoption” means “invite you to your house and give you a treat until you like it,” but basically that’s the owner of the cat.

New spirit animals are also heading towards the glove. Spirit Bunny now exists alongside Spirit Bird and Deer. Spend time with Lee Berry and you can create your own.

Rapid harvest

If you find the foraging and harvesting mechanism a bit boring, you’ll be glad to know that it has changed a bit. The new accordion instrument allows you to instantly harvest all items within a certain radius and grab all fruits and flowers faster!


Photo mode

Photo mode! Of course, you’ll have to get the camera yourself, but then you can snap to your heart’s content. It doesn’t look like a photo mode that allows you to move your point of view — a more digestive camera feature.


There’s no specific information about what happens to Halloween stuff at Cozy Gloves … it’s just coming.

Other updates

  • New background music
  • Improvement of draining
  • Bug fixes
  • “Various improvements”

The last major update for Cozy Globe was the Summer Update, which added bug catches, hugs, treasure maps, and lots of new items and NPCs.

The fall update is available free of charge to anyone who owns the game.

Have you ever fallen off Cozy Gloves or are you playing on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments!