The six days in the controversial first-person military shooter Fallujah have been postponed to the fourth quarter of 2022.Publisher Victura and developer Highwire Games on Wednesday blogThe development team said it plans to double the scale.

Six Days in Fallujah was first announced in 2009 and was originally planned to be published under Konami. As a result of subsequent controversy, the game was shelved in 2016 until February 2021 after Highwire Games took over development. The game tracks US soldiers through the second battle of Fallujah, a controversial battle during the Iraq War. At least 800 Iraqi citizens were killed by US and British troops in this battle.

As outlined in IGN’s special report on 6 days in FallujahThe game was once again controversial, shortly after the reboot was announced in February 2021. This was partly due to the inherently sensitive nature of adapting highly controversial real-life battles to video games, and concerns about shortages. Beyond shooting faceless enemies, representatives of Iraqi or Arab citizens in the game.

Screen-6 days in Fallujah [2021 Version]

According to the official website of Six Days in Fallujah, the game was developed with the help of more than 100 marines, soldiers and Iraqi citizens, and the game “is a city through the stories and struggles of both military personnel. The aim is to give a deeper understanding of the war, although the preview footage seems to barely portray the perspective of Iraqi civilians.

In February, Victura CEO Peter Tamte said Six Days in Fallujah. “Political commentary on whether the war itself was a good idea or a bad idea.” “We will not tackle the political tactics that led to the nominal conflict.”

Tamte then recalled his comments in March: “Everyone playing games about the Iraq War clearly understands that these events are intertwined with politics. What we said Is that we are not trying to make a statement about how the Iraq War began. Instead, we are focusing on this battle, the events leading up to it, and I want the people who were in Fallujah during this battle to talk about themselves through the game. “

Six Days in Fallujah was originally scheduled for release in December. The new delay means that it will be released between October and December 2022. It will currently be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer for IGN.