Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Consumer advocacy group calls Nintendo for Joy-Con Drift ahead of the launch of Switch OLED

Image: Nintendo Life

With the launch of tomorrow’s Nintendo Switch OLED model, consumers have the option of paying $ 50 more for a significantly enhanced system (improved larger screen, new kickstand, updated dock) than other models (regional). Ethernet ports, more internal memory, etc. One of the things that doesn’t improve based on the available evidence is the Joy-Con controller. As many can prove, this is a constant source of disappointment.

Joy-Con’s “drift” problem and controller failure rates where stick inputs don’t work correctly have been a hot topic since the switch was launched in 2017. This led to class action proceedings and considerable pressure. At Nintendo, and in the summer of 2019, it became clear that repairs were beginning to be offered free of charge, even outside the warranty period. Not all countries and territories do, but it seems to be a relatively common policy for Nintendo to address Joy-Con issues for free.

However, this is not enough to satisfy all advocates, as Nintendo continues to argue that it continues to sell known, consistently defective products. Euro consumer Is a group representing five national consumer groups and has issued a press release to challenge Nintendo about the continued sales of the existing Joy-Con.

The following is an excerpt from the press release.

SwitchOLED, a new version of Nintendo’s “Switch” console scheduled for October 8, 2021, presents an open technical issue with the controller (commonly referred to as the “Joy-Con Drift” issue). The player is unable to play the game correctly. Nintendo is familiar with this flaw. Still, we plan to deploy a new switch with old problems. Euro consumers ask Nintendo for an explanation.

… this flaw was previously raised at Nintendo. First, in January 2020, Euroconsumers’ Belgian organization Test Achats / Test Aankoop will send a formal notice to Nintendo Europe GmbH to repair all defective products free of charge and publicly notify about defects. I asked.

In January 2021, BEUC, a European group of 46 independent consumer organizations, went to the CPC network for widespread infringement of EU aspects of EU consumer law in connection with the premature obsolescence of Nintendo Switch. External alert has started.

In addition to the EU proceedings, two class actions have been filed in the United States, and a Canadian company has filed a class action proceeding.

Nevertheless, Nintendo has not taken any steps to fix the flaws or warn consumers. It publishes a new Switch OLED with exactly the same Joy-Con design and exactly the same unavoidable flaws. Meanwhile, Nintendo continues to place a great deal of emphasis on Joy-Con quality and diversity in advertising.

This early obsolescence is not only unfair and harmful to consumers, but also impacts the environment, creating a pile of unnecessary and highly polluted e-waste.

Euroconsumers states that they have sent Nintendo a letter stating four requests. We fully respect the legitimate product warranty without burdening the consumer with burden of proof or expense. Nintendo will provide clear contact details to resolve Joy-Con issues. Resolve flaws and ensure a “more sustainable version of the controller”. Euroconsumers have also made it clear that they will participate in dialogue and testing with Nintendo.

Of course, the Joy-Con controller has received a lot of attention and has received various formal complaints like this. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa apologized to investors in the summer of 2020. However, beyond speculation at various times, there is little evidence to suggest a significant improvement in Joy-Con’s design and reliability these days.

Nintendo’s approach to this problem often says almost nothing, and it is said that a legal solution will be withheld. However, with the advent of OLED models, Joy-Con drift broadcast times will be updated.

It’s also worth noting that switch owners came up with multiple DIY Joy-Con fixes like this, but with their own challenges and risks.

What do you think of Euroconsumer’s comments and the actual Joy-Con “drift” in progress?