Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Competing fans because the original GTA trilogy has been removed from sale

Existing versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have been removed from the Digital Storefront today, and many fans are at odds about moving.

As announced when GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition was announced, Rockstar will delist older versions on all digital stores today, October 11th. The developer does not explain the exact reason for the move. At the time of writing, the original game will continue to be available on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox, but it’s unclear how long it will last. I contacted Rockstar to see if there was a specific time when the game would be removed from sale.

The decision to remove the original game has sparked a lot of controversy, especially on the issue of video game storage. The legendary status of games, especially the GTA series, is an interactive experience as well as part of history for the media, and reducing access to the game will allow future players and developers to play the game. It adversely affects your ability to learn.

Another concern among fans is the order in which all of this is happening. The Definitive Edition version of the game has no fixed release date yet, and little detail about the content has been revealed. Many fans are angry that they can’t choose between the old version and the new version. There are expectations for games that look good and are easy to play, but for now, there are only rock star words.

Another big concern for many fans is how Definitive Editions handles licensed music. The same is true here, as in a previous re-release of GTA Trilogy, the license expired and now the iconic soundtrack section has been removed and Rockstar is silent in that regard. Some people are worried that it will happen. As a result, many fans feel compelled to buy the old version in case the new version doesn’t meet expectations later this year.

It’s also very likely that a new version of the game will be significantly more expensive than an older version. UK retailer currently lists pre-order RRPs by “list price”. That’s £ 60 for the final generation version and £ 70 for the current generation. It’s not clear if these are Rockstar’s own recommendations (although in line with the owner’s take-two view of next-generation prices) or base-specific quotes. I contacted the base for comment. If legitimate, many would consider delisting an old version as a cynical attempt to force new players to pay much more for the game.

Many fans take this last opportunity to buy older versions of the game, even if there is no release date update, or if the Definitive Edition game appears for the first time, but you really have to. I feel there is. This is a problem that many feel that rock stars shouldn’t have forced them in the first place.

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