Friday, September 17th, 2021

City Connection CEO is responsible for delaying the physical release of “Game Paradise” on Switch

Picture: City Connection

If you are one of the people who ordered the physical version The Game Paradise / Tengoku: CruisinMix Special From the North American company Dispatch Games, then you are undoubtedly waiting for some confirmation of when the product will arrive.

Dispatch Games does not have the best record in such matters, and poor communication and repeated delays have worsened the broken relationship with the customer base. However, Nobuhiro Yoshikawa, President and CEO of City Connection, has now issued a statement aimed at transferring Game Paradise’s responsibility for the delay from Dispatch Games to his own company. If you are wondering, City Connection is a Japanese company that digitally releases games on Switch.

The following is Yoshikawa’s statement:

Dear customers,

This is Yoshikawa, the CEO of City Connection.

We have received a lot of questions and news about “The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix Special” from Dispatch Games in North America.

I want to answer the most common question: “Is Dispatch Games a group company? Is it a subsidiary?” Dispatch Games is our partner in North America to handle games, and we have no capital relationship with them. However, this does not mean that we are evading responsibility.

As the copyright holder and developer of the game, we regret that our product was not delivered on time, and we apologize for that.

After long discussions and as much support as possible, we are now expected to release the game. Please wait for customers who purchase this product again. Dispatch Games will issue an announcement regarding the details and release date.

We hope you will continue to support the games released by our existing partners, the digital versions we release, and the expansion of our US business.

We thank you for your continued support.

The game was launched in Japan in December 2019 and will be released digitally in the West on May 28, 2020.Original Gaming Kingdom: Gaming Paradise! Jaleco was released on the arcade in 1995.

We reviewed the Switch version in June and said:

It is easy to understand why Game Tengoku CruisinMix Special is so popular with Japanese shmup fans, but it is also easy to understand why it is not as widely known in the West as Parodius, despite the very similar tone.The levels are creative and the actions are quite fascinating, but it is overshadowed by better genre examples-especially in 2020, when Switch owners have games like this ESP radar psi and Ikaruga Keep them busy. This is by no means necessary, but if you are a hardcore shooter, then this is still worth seeing.