There is little more personal than art. In other words, it is an art created by an artist. clearly. Even in the most commercial and populist form (including when it is only a small part of a much larger product), the work of an individual artist defines them, even from their obvious radical features. You can finally recognize it, even from the small little consistency that comes to you.Chicory colorful story Very difficult work That sense of ownership, the artist’s pocket creative world … well … translating into a video game. This isn’t the most efficient medium for creating and owning something unique for this kind of personality, but Chicory manages to do it, contrary to all possibilities.Sure, but it can’t also A compliment to creativity and a fascinating adventure game on canvas. can! is!!

You play as a little dog creature that happens to be hired as an elusive Wizard keeper. They wield a magical paintbrush that you will learn without surprise, and will eventually fall into your own hands. One day, the current Wielder – the famous Chicory – seems to have gone missing and left Brush behind. More desperately, certainly, it looks like all the colors of the world have disappeared. Player characters Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin (actually named after their favorite food, so this handle is different) picked up the brush and stepped into the picnic world, what’s happening I understand.

In reality, it’s like a Zelda-like top-down, but it’s just superficial. Boss battles exist, but we are not focusing on battles here. Indeed, these sections reminded me of the Nintendo DS title in a juggling and moving way. touch.. Yes, brilliantly, the incarnation of Chicory’s Switch includes an (optional) touch control for painting. This absolutely feels like the way the game was always intended.You see, it’s yours because the whole game is black and white for story reasons Customs duty When Privilege Put everything back.

What this means is solving a puzzle. Almost all environments, traversal-based ones, require a picture of the surroundings. Start with a standard resizable brush and some basic colors that can bring the world to life with strokes, taps and holds. However, touch control is not required. You can also use the right stick, shoulder button, and trigger to create a drawing. In some cases, this method is more efficient than the touch screen, but in most cases I’ve found that I stick to my index finger.

Being free to paint the entire “screen” means that it is always very clear where you are already and, as a result, where you need to go next. If you get lost for some reason, you can call double sausages and egg McMuffin home from the phone booth to receive both hints and direct solutions. It’s all very easygoing, but it really exudes charm. And paint.

Everyone you meet in the world is unique, and each of their predicaments influences the central theme of what it really means to be an artist. And not only the artist, but also the artist who has the weight of expectations behind you and controls the most prominent works in the world.This is Chicory’s genius – by making every screen a work of art in itself you All copies you draw are ultimately made to order. That is an exception.They are really talking when the characters judge or scold your character you.. Ibid. When they praise your efforts, especially when you overcome their first skepticism to do so.

The beautiful Lena Raine soundtrack perfectly blends with the clarity and cool atmosphere of Chicory’s theme, but isn’t afraid to get a little heavier when needed. There is almost no doubt that an avid artist can see himself. It’s a level of game and they may not like what they see. In a unique way, and without wanting to dive into the realm of spoilers, it’s a pretty confrontational little thing, albeit obviously family-friendly throughout.


As an adventure game, Chicory offers the best of the genre very honestly. There’s a lot to see and do, and it will probably take 25-30 hours to complete.The characters and their hardships are rich and likable, the sense of humor in the game is generally inspired, and everything is very sweet. Sweet twee Talk to the player. It’s also an influential little tier jar car that definitely hits chords if you make art, and almost certainly hits chords even if you don’t, as long as you have a fairly basic empathy. Chicory is easy to play, but with perfect controls, performance, and visuals, it’s very long and complex. Please devote yourself to drawing the world. That way you are very your own and you are left with a game that speaks directly to you – a beautiful marriage of mechanics, themes and visuals.