Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Chernobylite: Protected Area-Xbox Wire

Black stone It is an upcoming sci-fi survival horror role-playing game, whose background is the ultra-realistic 3D scanning wasteland in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, derived from the profound personal experience of Polish developer Farm 51.

In the spring of 1986, during a routine safety test designed to simulate power outages, a newly installed operator triggered a reactor shutdown after the test was completed, resulting in two explosions that blew up the reactor core and destroyed the reactor building. This caused a fire in the open-air reactor core and released a considerable amount of radioactive contaminants throughout Russia and Western Europe.

What followed, and the consequence that followed was the panic that followed: the radioactive cloud spread to Europe, the ugly Lugol liquid that had to be drunk to prevent the effects of radiation poisoning, and to prevent the effects of radiation poisoning. Staying indoors at home is a reality for millions. Personnel, including members of the Chernobylite development team.

These events aroused Farm51’s great interest and interest in Chernobyl. This interest later developed into a project aimed at transforming the Chernobyl power plant and the surrounding city of Pripyat into a virtual state. A virtual documentary that shocked the world. The proceeds from this virtual experience are donated to victims of disaster victims who still need to experience decades of disaster. Farm 51 spent many years performing 3D scanning, which is one of the most dangerous places on earth, and faithfully rebuilt the area. Farm51 conceived the idea of ​​developing a story-driven game that can replicate its own and other people’s responsibilities, and those responsibilities must go through terrible situations in this situation.

Black stone

This game allows others to see and feel the atmosphere of this small town that was once Hee Hee through their own eyes. Feelings of sadness and emptiness. Farm 51 felt more and more anxious.

Protecting Chernobyl from natural destruction has become one of the pillars of the game to commemorate this place that is deteriorating and disappearing every year. The abandoned buildings, weather-exposed buildings and objects in Pripyat cannot stand the test of time. There have been places in Chernobyl that have been collapsed or burned in recent years, and now only these places can be seen due to the tremendous efforts to preserve the site in digital form.


April 26, 1986, 1:23 am. The day that will change Chernobyl forever.

You will play Igor Khymynyuk, a former physicist and former employee of Chernobyl. It has been 30 years since the decisive day, April 26, 1986. . This day changed Chernobyl and its life forever. In the aftermath of the chaos, your fiancé Tatiana Amalievain’s disappearance bothers you, and you return to Pripyat for the first time to investigate her mysterious disappearance. When looking for the truth, can you survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment?

Black stone

Invisible, survive and fight

Survival in the safe zone is not easy. With the death of comrades and the reduction of supplies, new challenges are faced every day. Danger lurks in every corner.

Don’t be caught while sailing in a rough and uneven polluted environment and collecting all the evidence to sort out past events. Avoid reconnaissance for stealth dismantling or the use of various weapons for open armed combat. Maintaining the mental health of yourself and your comrades is equally important to your chances of success, because the range of enemies and obstacles you will face becomes wider and wider. Life in this area is very fragile, and your decisions not only determine your fate, but also the fate of others. Surrounded by threats from all sides, you must carefully plan your strategy to survive.

Black stone

Basic construction and craftsmanship

You need to build a foundation to plan your daily operations and tours. Use workstations to make gadgets, create traps and weapons, modify equipment or produce valuable life-saving drugs to help you and your crew stay alive.

Improve your skills to collect as much information and evidence about past events as possible. Use this knowledge to complete your task.

Black stone

Resource and team management

Every day you need to plan carefully and allocate resources and tasks to your comrades. Complete the task yourself or send a colleague to complete the work. These companions are vital to your survival and the settlement of your journey. Treat them well and make them comfortable, they will be very helpful, reduce their quality of life, and their chances of success will decrease. Use PDAs and other gadgets to collect resources to help survive in the harsh environment and purchase new materials for the base to create a more comfortable environment for your team. But remember, the decision you make as early as possible will affect the later outcome of the event.

Black stone

If you are a fan of extraordinary history and combine survival horror and RPG elements and want to see Chernobyl with your own eyes, please prepare for an unforgettable experience.