Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Check out BioWare’s now denormalized Sonic Brotherhood’s unprecedented intro

Image: Now

Sonic Chronicle: Dark Brotherhood Is more than 10 years old and represents a unique entry in the Sonic series. Developed by RPG specialist BioWare – responsible for things like Mass effect When Dragon age – Sonic Chronicle sadly didn’t get the sequel.

Now video game animation experts and authors Jonathan Cooper We shared something new related to the game-an animation introductory sequence that was removed from the final product. According to Cooper, Sega decided to cut the animation and instead used a gameplay video montage for the intro.

The intro was created by lead animators Joel MacMillan and Nick Dilibert and can only be seen in its entirety below.

Released in 2008, Sonic Brotherhood won a very good 8/10 in our review. We said:

If you have enough patience to overlook some nigle and are interested in investing time in a decent RPG with a cast of charming characters, take a look at the Nintendo DS Sonic Chronicles. ..

In related news, Sonic Chronicles have been removed from Sonic Canon..

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