Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Charles Martinet wants Mario to speak out as much as he can

Chris Pratt may have been cast as Super Mario’s voice in Illumination’s next animated film-to be released next year, but for the vast majority of Nintendo fans around the world, Mario’s original voice has always been Charles Martinet. Will be.

He spoke out the Nintendo mascot, Previous In the N64 era, his voice was first heard by most people in the 1996 video game release. Super Mario 64.. Since then, he has been the voice of the character in all major releases and has contributed to all Mario spin-offs, including Mario Kart and the Mario Party series.

But how long will he continue?so Fan Expo Canada This weekend, Martinette held a Q & A session about Mario’s growing fame, and one fan asked how long he would continue to speak to Mario. His reaction may not always be surprising, but at least it’s reassuring to know that he’ll get stuck for as long as possible.This is the courtesy of Game crater:

“I want to talk to Mario until I die”

Of course, if he is “no longer capable” of handling this iconic role, he willingly hand it over to someone else.

“”If one day I think I can’t do that, I tell Nintendo to consider finding someone else. “

Charles Marinette won’t speak Mario in the next animated film, but he’s still involved and seems to have made some cameo vocal appearances during the film.

Are you happy to hear that Charles wants to continue this voice role for as long as possible? What do you think about him not playing the leading role in the next movie? Please leave a comment below.