Monday, May 16th, 2022

Changes in the endgame of the new world spurred controversy, and developers responded

New World recently released the Into the Void update, bringing in a number of new features and fixes. But one thing players didn’t consider was that the endgame became even more difficult.

Over the weekend, endgame players began to notice that certain high-level enemies were heavily buffed on Reddit and elsewhere. The net effect of this buff is to make the already barbaric endgame grind even longer, which is almost impossible to defeat when certain enemies are playing solo.

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The word of change quickly spread to other parts of the community, causing further controversy in games plagued by duplicate abuse, currency crises, and other issues. This was followed by a new wave of negative reviews on Steam, which fell into a “mixed” rating, even though it remained “almost positive” overall.

In response, New World designer Mike “Berserker Mike” Willett “Appropriate context” was not delivered About the reason behind the update. Willett writes that the goal of the team is to have “various areas” where players can go to make materials and equipment. However, Amazon Game Studios also wants players to feel that they are challenging in return.

“Our vision for endgames is multifaceted and includes outpost rush and wars, aggression and arenas, over 60 damaged violations, over 60 elite POI and named creatures, and expeditions. It is the best source of information in and our wish is to encourage players to engage in a variety of activities, “Willett wrote.

He added that the developers of New World are “actively investigating the balance between activity and reward.”

This controversy is another example of how New World can be a rewarding but frustrating experience for players. Our review states that you can save “the best moments of the endgame”, but you need to “grind like hell” to get them. New World’s growth has leveled off since its explosively popular launch, but in exchange for its rich and rewarding PvP, it appears to be willing to roll with more frustrating elements, on a large scale and very much. Has an active fan base.