As someone waiting in a very small line to grab the PlayStation 3 launch and the disappointing hideout of dragon riding action, the story of flying scalloped worms fighting in video games stimulated my scale and my It can be said to stimulate curiosity. After spending a preview time at Century: Age of Ashes, I’m renewed optimistic that fighting monsters in the air doesn’t have to be just a fantasy flight.

Century is a third-person multiplayer shooter that initially feels more like Ace Combat than Panzer Dragoon. A team of 3 or 6 riders burns enemies into the sky, explodes them, and secures kills and goals in a few maps and play modes. But before that, I had to go through tutorial mode. Tutorial mode is ideal for teaching many technical aspects of flight and aggressive and defensive operations to control airspace. At first I learned keyboard controls, but soon switched to an Xbox controller with zero downtime to readjust to the new layout.

Century: Age of Ashes Game Awards Trailer Screenshot

However, take the risk and skip the tutorial. It’s easy to learn how to move a dragon, but for example, the secret to regaining lost stamina is a less obvious core mechanism that you’re unlikely to encounter by chance. In the tutorials, you will also have many opportunities to learn how to set fire to your enemies, both in the form of balls and faucets. Your fireball behaves almost like a bullet, and by auto-locking to targets within range, you can scrape the fireball from a relatively safe place. As you get closer, the Flame Breath option opens. This causes the prey to fall into a stable, fiery gout, which quickly exhausts its strength. In combination, it turned out to be my usual opener / closer. The auto-lock feature is a welcome feature as it reduces the pressure of having a fast spasm reflex and aiming, and focuses on positioning and maneuvering inside and outside the danger.

Classes include Marauder and Stealth Assassin Phantom with a focus on damage.


Taking into account the rider class and its power and abilities, all of this gets even hotter. Classes include Marauder and Stealth Assassin Phantom with a focus on damage, but I shield them with the help of my allies and team myself with smoke trails like bond gadgets. I imagined a windguard, a support-style class that can cover up. Both power and abilities are skills that need to be activated, but power is static and completely unique to the rider, but you can choose a pair of abilities that can participate in combat. Some of these abilities are one rider class. This closed test means that both Marauder and Phantom share abilities, and in games where the ability to move around at this stage of development is very low, these two classes actually feel very different from each other. Did not help.

When the training wheels were turned off, the Playwing team took me to Rookie Skirmish 3v3 game mode. This is a straight-up best of 3 round deathmatch, but additional skills will be unlocked gradually over the course of each round. When the game reaches the final round, each player will have access to the complete kit. This was an interesting way to mitigate chaotic combat at times, but it’s a shame that you may not even reach full strength wins and losses.

Spoils of War mode combines player skills, map awareness, and team balance to create an outstanding tactical and rewarding experience.


After one or two rounds of the rookie, Playwing invited a heavy hitter from the QA team to join my favorite mode, the Spoils of War, throughout the demo. In it, two teams of six Dragnia fight to collect gold from a neutral loot dragon flying around a vast map. Every few minutes, new sub-purposes emerge, facilitating or completely threatening the collection of hordes. Maybe it’s locked suddenly and the floating NPC is carrying the key you have to get back and return to your base to unlock it. A bomb can occur, and a team that can successfully secure it and carry it to a horde of enemies will blast it, spill a large amount of gold into the air, and ripen to steal. These continue to strain the game throughout the round, combining player skills, map awareness, and team balance to make it an outstanding tactical and rewarding experience among the free shooters available these days. rice field.

When the Age of Ashes launches on December 2nd, it will launch in a market full of rider and dragon cosmetics and can be purchased with real money or in-game currency earned by completing daily and weekly missions. increase. Perhaps the most interesting thing in between matches is hatching dragon eggs and raising new dragons. If you are lucky, you can receive a dragon egg as a reward after the battle. Equipped with a dragon egg, you can complete the list of “Growth Step” missions and grow up to adulthood. It’s interesting to look for your scaly mount as a way to earn now, if not a little boring.

If you’ve been burned in a dragon battle in the past, or if you’re looking for a new, out-of-the-box multiplayer shooter to liven up the winter, it’s worth a scale-bound spin on Century: Age of Ashes. maybe. The stellar Spoils of War is an adventurous action game looking for new challenges, although the team may look quite similar over time as it is a narrow product in terms of class and ability. Add enough desperate objective tracking to ensure fan interest.