Youza. 6 years. In some respects, six years is a snap. In other respects, it is eternal. The world has changed a lot since 2015, and given the tremendous churn over the last two years, it can be hard to remember what 2015 was like. Still, many aspects of rock band culture since 2015 are still alive today.We are still releasing DLC ​​every week, we are starting the 24th (!!) season Rock band rivals On November 4th, the rock band community is still a vibrant collection of music lovers around the world.

Birthday gifts

When we think about what it means to have a video game franchise of 6, we look at tradition. We’ve always been to rock bands on their birthdays, so instead of getting them, we give them presents. This year, we’re offering a free pack of four great songs and an evil cool in-game T-shirt to commemorate this opportunity.

For a complete scoop of the song, Check out the RB blog.. I hope you like it.

We covered you

During the break between Season 23 and Season 24, there is a one-week bonus challenge from October 14th to 19th. Focus on the fine arts of the cover song. This is an opportunity for artists to rethink and reinterpret familiar songs. There are several great DLCs released this week that fit the theme. There are also lots of very fun covers to fill the challenge from the DLC catalog.

The beat continues

Season 24 is about a community-led rock band meme. This is seen in many DLC releases where passionate members of the community shout “What !?”. I thought this was a rock band, not a metal band! (Or whatever genre they find difficult in connection with that week’s DLC release). The season starts on Halloween Week, so look for one or two boos. When everything is told and done, we promise that our loyalty to the world of rock will be fully demonstrated.

I don’t want to ruin my rewards, but I think you can guess given what you’ve offered in the last two seasons.

Rock band 4

Let’s continue the party

The rock band team is very excited about the future of the franchise and continues to do whatever it can to serve a larger community of fun new songs and serve passionate music game enthusiasts. ..

Xbox Live

Rock Band ™ 4 Rival Bundle

Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.



$ 59.99

$ 29.99

A complete experience with Rock Band ™ 4. This bundle includes Rock Band 4 and Rivals Expansion, giving you access to a complete feature set of the best and most complete music games on the market today. The Rivals Bundle includes over 100 songs and many features, including: -Online Play: Move parties online using matchmaking, public or private sessions, tools to maximize DLC overlap, and more. -Rival Mode: Form a band with friends from all over the world and take part in this online multiplayer statistical battle. Join the crew to prove your skills and crush your rivals. -Rockudrama: A brand new campaign mode that tells the story of your band’s victory over adversity in the world’s first playable music documentary. -Character Creator with hundreds of customization options to perfect the look-Access to future updates and songs dedicated to the rival community-Pick up and play with a variety of supported USB mics or compatible Experience the rock band completely with a sexual guitar and drum controller. Note: If you have an Xbox 360 Wireless Music Game Controller, you’ll need to purchase the Rock Band 4 – Legacy Game Controller Adapter for Xbox One (sold separately, but will end as soon as it’s out of stock). This offer does not include a music game controller or USB microphone. The use of Rock Band 4 is subject to the privacy policy at www.harmonixmusic.com/privacy.