Monday, September 20th, 2021

Catch frostbite with NHL 22


  • NHL 22Launched on October 15th, it will provide Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with a new game engine powered by Frostbite.
  • Superstar X-Factors will pay more attention to star players who have the ability to change the rules of the game on ice.
  • Alston Matthews is on the cover of the series for the second time; will the Toronto Maple Leafs usher in another painful season?

Hockey is (almost) back! After two shortened seasons, the league looks set to resume its normal start time in October this year, providing us with a complete NHL season and the exciting debut of the Seattle Sea Monsters.

As the season begins, the hot sales will be the latest works in the acclaimed EA Sports series, including NHL 22, Brought a new Frostbite power engine. We have recently seen these exciting features for the first time, such as the debut of Superstar X-Factors and the return of one of the game’s premiere stars on the cover, but this is the next generation of processing that we are very looking forward to.

Turn to frostbite

As a long-time fan of the series, it is exhausting to see other EA Sports games get Frostbite engine upgrades for the next generation. Now it’s finally here, and I think we are all enjoying real enjoyment.Different lighting, reconstruction (and re-lighting) of stadiums, and improved shadows and reflections enable NHL 22 It looks closer than ever to hockey in real life. Oh, the ice looks very smooth, and the reflected light makes it look smooth and shiny instead of cloudy ice. I am looking forward to seeing how it transforms throughout the game, from a fresh Zamboni polished jacket to the crushing and skating wear at the end of each period.

In addition, the appearance of the player model has been significantly improved, and the skin and eye shadows and dynamic lighting ensure proper depth for all characters. This runs through to the stitches on the player’s uniform and proper cloth movement, which will make this look closer to a real NHL game. I can not wait anymore. A new in-game demo will also debut for the first time, with an AR-like effect, providing the latest statistics on ice throughout the game.

Although many of these features will shine on the Xbox Series X|S, the new Frostbite engine is being applied to the Xbox One version NHL 22 Similarly, so players on both generations of game consoles will love this new game engine.

Play with superstars

One of the important new features of NHL 22 This season will be the superstar X factor. This new game mechanism will enhance the NHL superstars and put more emphasis on their ice abilities. Features like Shock & Awe can provide exceptional power and accurate shooting shortly after you execute the deke. Or Tape to Tape, which provides greater power and accuracy for passing.

Superstar X-Factors is not limited to shooting games. Goalkeepers can also have these abilities, such as providing excellent save range or quick recovery and other benefits. These “superhero” abilities are limited to the top 100 players in the game. Although this sounds interesting, we have to wait and see how all this translates into the well-known instant gameplay of the series.

Matthews part double

Despite being eliminated by the Montreal Canadiens in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs last season, the Toronto Maple Leafs is still considered one of the premier NHL teams this year. This is largely due to the talent of Auston Matthews.As one of the league’s biggest stars, it’s no surprise that he once again achieved a breakthrough in the cover player’s star status. NHL 22.

Although we (not necessarily) insist on superstition, Matthews appeared on the cover last time to NHL 20. That season, the Maple Leafs was unexpectedly sent out by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round. Of course, even without Matthews on the cover, they have rebounded in the first round for five consecutive years, so our logic is suspicious.

However, for Matthews and the Leafs, will this season be different? Can he end Toronto’s nearly six-year Stanley Cup drought? We will have to wait and see how the season unfolds.However, due to NHL 22, Leafs fans, and other tortured fan groups, such as the San Jose Sharks (based on personal experience) and the Vancouver Canucks, can realize their fantasy through the game’s extensive franchise, becoming a professional player, and playoff mode. We held up Lord Stanley’s cup of our virtual avatar.

In addition to joking, we are concerned about the upcoming NHL season (bring Kraken!) and NHL 22Watch the ice NHL 22 October 15th, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. EA Play Member-If you are interested in trying it for a while before buying, please don’t forget to try it out for 10 hours before the game is released!Then, use your membership discount to enjoy up to 10% discount on pre-purchase NHL 22!

We will have more about additional sharing NHL 22 Game features in the weeks leading up to the release on October 15th. For all the latest Xbox gaming news, please lock Xbox Wire here.