Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Castlevania animation series studio strengthens cooperation with Netflix

© Netflix

Anime and animation inspired by Japanese output have had global fans for many years, although with the rise of streaming, we have seen more viewers discover this kind of media.Recently, Netflix has been joining to attract more mainstream attention, including Castlevania As its first exclusive run and a special highlight-it has been very popular in four seasons, and there is a new series coming soon.

The company behind the series, Powerhouse Animation Studios, has now signed an agreement to strengthen its partnership with Netflix (via deadline). This is a non-exclusive “first buy” transaction, which is a typical agreement reached between Netflix and other production studios; in practice, this may cause most of the studio’s output to continue to find a way to Netflix.

In addition to another season of Castlevania, Powerhouse Animation Studios is also developing things like Master of the Universe: ApocalypseWhile also cooperating tomb Raider with Skull Island display.

Brad Graeber, Chief Creative Officer and CEO of Powerhouse, quoted the following in the transaction:

Netflix is ​​changing the animation industry, and Powerhouse Animation is proud to be a part of this change. At Powerhouse, our talented team actively creates content and breaks the old barriers that limit animation to genres rather than media.

This is another notable deal as Netflix continues to seek streaming dominance with competitors such as Disney+ and Amazon Prime TV. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.