Friday, September 17th, 2021

Carenado C170B is now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator
It is Microsoft’s longest running game series.Today, we are happy to announce that the well-known SIM card company Carenado is releasing a very detailed Carenado C170B plug-in for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Carenado (the fairing in Spanish) in Santiago, Chile was founded in 2001 by two friends who were inspired by Microsoft Flight Simulator, This is the game they started playing together on the Atari computer in the 1980s. They have now built a strong product portfolio of more than 100 amazing remanufactured aircraft-the legendary C170B is the latest product in the product lineup.

Carenado hopes to create a simulation version of C170B in order to thrive in the beautiful world that Microsoft and its partners have built in the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. C170B is affectionately known as the “Father of Skyhawk” in the aviation industry. It is a famous “low-speed and slow-speed” flying sightseeing plane. Carenado believes it will be the perfect way to explore the virtual world. Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The four-seater single-engine tail tractor introduced in 1952 was developed from an early version of the 170 series, including the 170A and the military model L-19/O-1 Bird Dog. It is the predecessor of the 172 Skyhawk, hence the name. This aircraft quickly became known for its wide range of uses, meeting the needs of private pilots, commuters, cargo drivers, flight schools, and jungle pilots, who have flew the aircraft on some of the most desolate lands on the planet for some truly extraordinary Of taking risks.

The 170B adopts an all-metal structure with a main wingspan of up to 36 feet and slotted flaps that can deflect up to 40 degrees. It is powered by a six-cylinder Continental C145-2 engine, which can provide up to 145 horsepower and turn a two-blade propeller. The 170B cruises at 120 miles per hour, has a top speed of 143 mph, and a stall speed of 52 mph. Its ceiling is 15,500 feet above sea level and climbs at a rate of 690 feet per minute. What is impressive is that in most cases, it only needs a 200-foot roll to lift off and has a range of 750 miles.

Carenado offers two types of 170B, the regular model and the Tundra model. The tundra model has large tundra tires that can take off and land on beaches, river sandbars, deep valleys-any suitable place, no airport is required! The company uses Physically Based Rendering (PBR) to achieve maximum realism, inside and out, realistic flight dynamics (tested by many pilots familiar with C170B) and high-fidelity stereo sound recorded from the aircraft itself, including switching sounds , Engines, buttons, and even the airflow when opening windows.

It is equipped with six uniforms, a portable Garmin Aera GPS color mobile map unit, King KX-165 NAV/COMM radio with glideslope and a King KT-76A transponder. Simmers can experience Carenado’s C170B when it is cold, dark, ready to taxi or ready to take off. It even has a tablet interface for controlling static components, pilots, fairings and doors.

Carenado C170B is now available on the Microsoft flight simulator market. The sky is calling!For the latest information Microsoft Flight Simulator, Please stay tuned @MSFSOfficial On Twitter and Xbox Wire.

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