Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Canon Cooks Some Actions With New Rogue Company Update

meet Rogue CompanyThe latest rogue! This cheerful and witty Rogue grew up in Kansas City with an action movie, wrestling, and an appetizing barbecue diet. Cannon, who joined the Army in hopes of becoming a machine gunner for attack helicopters, was crushed when he learned that the physique of professional wrestling was too big for his role. Despite the setbacks, Canon proved to be one of the Rangers’ best and most reliable machine guns before joining Rogue Company. Thanks to Canon’s excellent barbecue skills, his interest in cooking is highly appreciated by fellow Rogues, as they can eat some of the best ribs in the country. In addition to great culinary skills, Canon loves to show off his wrestling expertise against unprotected enemies, providing a great “Hollywood moment” to call them as they please.

“Cannon is a brand new defender who lives with the motto” The best defense is a good attack! ” He brings positive attitude and firepower for days, “explains Canon designer Nick Keo. “You will send a scared running enemy with the devastating new Gatling gun ability. My personal favorite about Cannon is himself that can be heard while his ability is active. It’s a custom-built theme song for him. He’s a lot of fun to play and I can’t wait for everyone to get the latest Rogue! “

Cannon is an energetic rogue for thrills, so it makes sense to have a Gatling gun, right? Canon’s Gatling Gun’s ability zone out enemy pushes and provide overwhelming power to control the situation. He can also attach a Gatling gun to cover it, giving him a real advantage. Accuracy is important because Canon’s passive conflict connoissor only gives the opportunity to return ammo to the current magazine when the shot is landed. Do you want to make a bigger impact? Equip Cannon’s new melee weapon, the Sledgehammer!

Ready for the Halloween season? This update includes not only the new rogue, but also some creepy new cosmetics!Canon and new cosmetics are up to date Rogue Company Updated on Xbox One and Xbox X | S!