Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Call of Duty War Zone is making a big difference in gameplay, and fans are fighting for it.

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As the game moves to new maps, Call of Duty: Warzone is making major changes to how loadouts work. Fans can’t agree on whether it’s good or bad for the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s new map, Caldera, brings new tropical destinations, new points of interest, and new changes to the way fans play Warzone. A complete list of tweaks announced for Battle Royale can be found in our complete summary, but one feature that keeps the fans split is that loadouts will feature in Warzone in the future. How to do it.

There are two important changes that affect the loadout of the game. First, players can only use Call of Duty Vanguard weapons when customizing their weapon selection in the caldera. That is, more modern weapons (found in both Cold War and Modern Warfare) are not available for in-game loadout drops.

Some players may feel that this offers a different stance, Previous comments by the developer Activision, which surrounds in-game loadouts, explains why the changes are behind, “[streamline] Meta for more accessibility and room for experimentation. ”

No matter how you feel about change, this is an important factor in itself. During Battle Royale’s tenure, the game meta has been a bit controversial. When a player works on a particular weapon ranking and can get the most out of the loadout experience, Meta provides a much better time period for a particular weapon than the other weapons available in the game. It is also known to “break”.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific-Caldera Map Image

More ironic players may point out that this change could increase Vanguard’s sales, but developers will consider the impact of Vanguard’s integration differently than it was when the Cold War began. It’s certainly a pleasure to see.

Making changes to the guns available to players through loadouts may seem like a significant change, but it’s not much more fragmented when compared to the other major changes made to loadout drops.

As confirmed by Warzone Creative Director Ted Timmins, post-caldera loadouts will only be available at the purchase station at the end of the first circle (about 5 minutes after the game starts). In other words, players will not be able to make money. Immediately rush to the store to buy a custom weapon. In response to various reactions from the community, game-like changes were attempted during Operation Flashback, Warzone’s limited-time event.

Loadouts are almost always a key factor in winning a war zone, and the news of the change seems to have split its player base. “This was the worst part of flashbacking operations. I hope this change will be undone soon if people realize it isn’t. [an] Innovation, that’s the limit. ” Oppose changes on Twitter,another person Claimed that it might ruin the game altogether..

While many are against change, those who claim to be in favor are also open on social media. Many players in the Warzone community feel that their loadouts are not located in Battle Royale. This change can be seen as a compromise between the two.

Preventing players from purchasing loadouts at the beginning of the game can significantly change people’s tactical outlook. This not only encourages people to move more to find better “floor loot” weapons across the map, but also to create a wider range of shootouts between the weapons in the game. Is also useful.

Following the news of the update, Call of Duty’s news account Modern Warzone posted a vote on Twitter, asking fans to vote whether they agree or disagree with the change. At the time of writing, about 75% of the players who voted for the vote said they thought it was a good addition.

All Call of Duty War Zone Pacific maps will be released on December 9th, but players with Call of Duty Vanguard will be able to access the map 24 hours in advance. For more information on Warzone, make sure this article details a multiplayer map that looks like a nod when the caldera goes on sale next week.

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