Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Call of Duty: Vanguard-Zombie Review In Progress

Call of Duty Zombie Mode has once again circled the axis. With Vanguard returning to the terrifying frontier of World War II, we went back to the 1940s to eliminate the rotten corpses of the Third Reich on the Gothic European battlefield for the first time since Call of Duty: WW2 in 2017. Did. And for those who stepped into the window in high school when the zombies made their debut in Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World of War, Sledgehammer’s interpretation is a homecoming show of how many modes have been repeated beyond their original form. Yes, it’s a living proof. After just a few hours of “virtual review events” in the last few days, we can see that Vanguard is trying to blend the influence of various interesting genres into zombies, but with some notable missing features. there is. When it comes to maintaining interest in zombies while waiting for more content to arrive, I need to play more to see how zombies unfold, but so far I The idea is as follows:

The basics are appropriate. You and your three friends are taken to a fantastic alternative universe like hell (red sky, cursed amulets, Eldritch gods) with the mainline Call of Duty game and Vanguard’s own campaign and multiplayer mode. Approximately one million miles away from the preferred steel-like realism. I’ve always loved how zombies call of duty to stretch their legs into a brutal and fateful aesthetic, and the sledgehammer proudly piles up in a gusset. There are some soap opera around the margins: the Nazis wandered deep into their mysterious obsession, unleashing the ruins and grotesque ruin of Stalingrad, and they all told you about their sins in the audio log. I talk. We’re here to kill hordes of zombies using the same clever first-person shooter mechanism that has kept the Call of Duty spot as the flagship for nearly 20 years, and that part still feels great. is. The weight of firearms engineering in the 1940s has always been a natural combination for our Van Helsing fantasy. You take the front two windows, I take the back door, and we keep firing bullet-free Tommy guns.

This year’s new feature is the element of randomness per run. The developers of Sledgehammer told me that villains like Hades had influence during development and that influence would soon pop out. Much of your time with Vanguard Zombies is spent during the run, hanging around the war-torn hub zone (NS At Dark Souls’ Firelink Shrine or Destiny’s The Traveler), you can squeeze firearms, make weapons, and exchange them for powerful buffs called covenants. These blend well with Vanguard’s four ultimate capabilities (catastrophic energy mines, invisible fields, party-wide damage inductors, and velocity-damping vortices) to fit normal DPS / tank / healer-class balance settings. And add some. More thoughtful behavior will flourish. Booby trapping spawn points with a screen-filled explosive can be reported as as satisfying as you might think.

The fraudulent effects will soon pop out.


However, I’ve noticed that most of the boosts I can buy don’t feel pretty exciting to me and are hungry for a little more colorful extensions than faster animations. Part of that is because they are thin when compared to the randomized bonuses found on the map while on the go. A good example: One power-up I’ve found basically provides the Golden Eye Golden Gun. All tagged zombies will immediately keel, regardless of location. It’s a lot more fun than all the expensive stuff around headquarters, but of course it all depends on the luck of the draw.I think all these goals are to bring them Eureka! At the moment found in roguelike games, the sledgehammer is addicting to zombie behavior. When all statistical integers fuse in a sublimated miracle run, like catching a lightning bolt in a bottle.

All of these upgrade stations require currency to earn in the Killing Fields. That is, zombies follow strict formulas. In short, take one of the portals away from instantiated challenges, such as surviving onslaught, escorting floating skulls, and powering up obelisks. – Next, minimize the build in the base camp. These three flavors offer a lot of undead to kill, but they weren’t as dynamic as I wanted. Especially onslaught puts you in a very narrow corridor for about 2 minutes while dodging the flock. I kept waiting for the unexpected left hook to remove the guard, but that didn’t happen. Again, the deeper you go into the zombies, the more complex the challenges may be, but for now, I’ve noticed that they’re a bit monotonous.

Our greatest fear is not about the monsters lurking around the corner.


Once the four goals are complete, the team can get out of the hotspot and return safely … or move forward knowing that each win will increase the difficulty. All covenants you win, lose, or unlock and the perks you purchase will disappear at the end of the run, but you will gain additional experience in the Call of Duty Ranking System and successfully escape. Like many horror games, our greatest horror isn’t about the monsters lurking around the corner. No, it’s a threat to start over.

This is the basis of Vanguard’s appeal. Sledgehammer wants to bleed from the character sheet. Paging your network of weapons, covenants, and other trinkets to create a top zombie killing machine. I’m sure I’ll reach that point in a few hours or more, but so far my teammates and I have no coordination or foresight and basically have to blindly hit the build and hit the line. was. Fire as recklessly as possible. It’s not terribly bad, as zombies are always familiar with unconscious fun. However, it will take some time to say whether the sledgehammer designed the perks in a way that would give Vanguard an extra afterlife.

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But the main problem with the latest round of zombies is, simply put, that it feels a bit thin now. There’s an efficient undead killing infrastructure here, but Sledgehammer doesn’t arrive with a “main quest” that closely resembles the more story-driven, scripted zombie rendition we saw in the Call of Dutys of yore. Is called. Until December 2nd – Almost a month after the first rollout. Until then, it handles a series of unconnected combat arenas and adds incredible combos and built-in graffiti, but not much else.

Only two hours later, due to the slowness of the traditional story, Vanguard’s level felt like he had already lost the ability to surprise me. That all of the fascinating mysteries of this eerie dimension have already been tapped. It was confusing to feel almost immediately. Hope it’s not true when you play more on the live server over the weekend before writing the final review. Vanguard has nicely lowered bones and brains, now it just needs some blood.