Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard may already be facing hacker issues

Activision Blizzard is currently facing Serious ongoing allegations of harassment When Abuse of left-behind workers.. For more information Access the timeline not only, Detailed report on the subject..

Call of Duty: According to some players, Vanguard is already working on the hacker issue in beta. Players have already posted evidence of Vanguard Beta hackers on Twitter. There are videos of players using aimbots and invincibility.At the 19 second mark in the video below Intel CDL On Twitter, you can see a hacker’s kill cam replay using auto-aiming. This will instantly lock enemies around the map.

Another example of auto-aiming can be seen on Dabzsy’s Twitter video. You can see the reticle bounce around the map and lock on different targets.

From this video, Evil good gameShows both automatic aiming and outlines of all players displayed through the wall.

Call of Duty continues to crack down on Call of Duty War Zone scammers. In August, Call of Duty banned more than 100,000 accounts in one day. The total number of banned accounts is now well over 500,000. However, the problem was that the scammers simply created a new account and started cheating again. As a result, Activision has begun banning hardware rather than specific accounts. However, some users can still work around this system.

Earlier this year, Activision stopped releasing an “undetectable” cheat system that could be used for aiming assist and automatic firing. After the video running in Warzone was distributed, it was shut down.

Last month, Warzone learned to implement a “multifaceted new anti-cheat system” throughout the game. You have to wait for the same anti-fraud measures to be implemented in Vanguard. Currently, even players banned from Warzone do not seem to be able to play Vanguard.

We asked Activision Blizzard for comment. If there is a reply, I will update the article. For more information, see Call of Duty Vanguard Beta Impressions. Or watch the latest episode of Podcast Unlocked. Here we are talking about the Call of Duty Vanguard as part of this fall’s “FPS Heaven”.

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