Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Call of Duty Theater: Rambo and John McLean release date announced

“Call of Duty” has confirmed that two 80s action heroes Rambo and John McClane will join “Call of Duty: Warzone”, “Black Ops” Cold War multiplayer and “Call of Duty: Mobile” as part of the mid-season update. Starting May 19 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time / 12 a.m. Eastern Time, all three currently active Call of Duty games can be used. Both phones will be launched on Call of Duty phones on May 20.

John McClane and Rambo participated in the competition

John McClane is the protagonist of the “Die Hard” series with Bruce Willis. He is a policeman who was killed in a hostage at Nakatomi Plaza. At the same time, the hero Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone in the movie is a two-pronged special force that must go off the grid for revenge.

Both of these characters are idols in the 80s, and successfully launched two very successful action series before the superhero took over the cinema.

Call of Duty: War Zone-The Big Event of the 80s Action Movies

McLean will be sold as a “Die Hard” bundle, which will be available in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone stores from May 19th to June 18th at 9pm Pacific Time, USA, including McClane Operator. The last step, Three weapon blueprints-tactical rifles, two SMGs and one assault rifle-legendary calling cards and badges, epic watches and epic weapon charm.

Rambo will be sold in the “Rambo” set at the same time, which includes Rambo, two completed actions, his iconic bow and arrow, three weapon blueprints-assault rifle, LMG and knife-legendary calling card and badge; and Epic Watch and charm.

In addition to these two playable characters, Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza and Rambo’s Survival Camps and CIA Outpost will be added to the Verdansk map for a limited time. These iconic locations were recreated to participate in the battle of Call of Duty: Battlefield.

New mode of Warzone and Black Ops cold war map

In a limited time, several new models of the Cold War have also appeared in “Battlefield” and “Black Ops”.

In “Battlefield”, the new mode is called “Power Robbery”, which can repair more than 100 players with a selected squad size in the more intense battle royale mode. The collapse of the circle will be smaller, occurring in five stages, but no Gulag can be resurrected.

Players will have to rejuvenate teammates or collect Dog Tags through Buy Station. Each confirmed kill will drop a dog tag. Collecting dog tags will move you on the reward ladder to summon tools such as drones, rebirth tokens, advanced gas masks and more.

In “Black Ops” and “Cold War”, several classic modes have won the turning point of “Die Hard” and “Rambo”. The first is Die Hardpoint, which is a race to get 200 points first by eliminating enemies and getting Hardpoints. In the second week, there was Rambo’s gun battle game, which is a free for all mode. Players need to use 20 different weapons to win at least one kill.All of this, as well as the “Stalemate” and “Duga” maps of the Cold War in “Black Ops”, the action movie-style medals and the new main missions of “Zombies” will be launched when the mid-season update is released on May 19.

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