Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Call of Duty Reloaded Season 6 Haunted Ghosts Arrived: Black Ops Cold War and War Zone


  • Multiplayer, zombies, and War zone..
  • Become a ghost of Verdansk or defeat it in the new Battle Royale mode to counter both living and dead threats. Plus: Scream Deathmatch, Hallows’ Eve Outbreak, etc.
  • Become your greatest horror with new horror-themed bundles like Limited time “Scream” operator bundle And that Tracer Pack: “Donnie Darko” Limited Time Bundle..

When Haunting arrives in Season 6, the sun sets and evil prowls occur. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War When War zone.. No one is safe and new horrors await you in all modes. The blockbuster Halloween event is currently open until November 2nd. Read more … Dare:

Limited time scream operator bundle premiere and plenty of horror

At the beginning of The Haunting Scream operator bundle for a limited time Includes a ghostface for use with War zone When Black Ops Cold WarLong before the iconic murderer returned to the cinema in January 2022.

Get Ghostface Operator and other “scream” themed items such as Violent End Finishing Move, Cordless Phone Weapon Charm, and Legendary Ghost Blade Weapon Blueprint.

After Ghosts: Tracer Pack: Donnie Darko Limited Time Bundle

get Tracer Pack: “Donnie Darko” Limited Time BundleArriving on October 24th, you will have access to Frank the Rabbit Operator Skin as well as additional items such as Sky Is Falling Finishing Move and 3 Legendary Weapon Blueprints with Purple Electric Tracer Fire.

Verdansk ghost invades Warzone

The ghost of Verdansk, the spiritual successor to Zombie Royale, offers a limited-time mode that poses new threats and challenges to the Battle Royale experience. In this mode, only available during Haunting events, death no longer means a trip to Gulag. Instead, the operator becomes a ghost after being eliminated for the first time.

Ghosts acquire supernatural abilities like super jumps, allowing access to highlands and the ability to float safely. They can also teleport and help close the gap with live operators. Spectral Blast provides a range stun attack that slows down the operator and nullifies the vehicle.

Take the live operator out and either acquire a soul that the ghost can exchange for another life, or perform a finish move to instantly relocate it. Operators in desperate need should head to a sanctuary, a sanctuary that the undead cannot pass through, at least until they destroy it.

Manage fear tracked on a scale from 0 to 100 points accordingly. All operators start the match with a fear of zero points. Hallucinations begin at 50 points. At 100? No one was alive to talk about it.

Fear increases when you are attacked by enemies, camp, see corpses and ghosts, and lose your teammates. After hallucinations, eliminating enemy operators or ghosts, resurrecting squads, completing contracts, or staying in the sanctuary reduces fear.

Call of Duty: Black Ops-Haunting

Multiplayer brings a new mode to Nuketown ’84 Halloween

Classic Black Ops The map is full of Halloween spirit, with lots of themed decorations such as pumpkin clocks and other props, shifting from day to night. The following three new limited-time multiplayer modes will also be live during The Haunting.

  • Infected. The 18 operators are divided into two teams, a survivor and a zombie trying to undead the remaining survivors. Survivors win if they beat the clock before everyone joins the horde.
  • Prop Hunt Halloween. In this themed prop hunt, player-controlled skulls, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, bats, skeletons and more are hidden among other decorations for Nuketown ’84 Halloween.
  • Scream death match. In this terrifying mode, two operators are chosen as ghostfaces and are tasked with eliminating prey. Survivors have to face the murderer head-on or run hard, but their regular screams make it difficult to hide for a long time …

Zombies reign on the eve of Halloween

Can you survive the Hallows’ Eve Outbreak? In this variation of the outbreak, your only goal is to survive. The match lasts only 10 minutes in one region, but the difficulty increases every 2 minutes. This means that more zombies, specials and elites will be healthier. Do you feel overwhelmed? Take out the Orda and greatly enhance the loadout. It’s not a big problem.

Zombie Halloween Update

Get a horror package with big rewards every 5 rounds in round-based zombie maps and all outbreak areas. Zombies can also drop Jack O Lanterns for additional rewards, and enemies with pumpkin heads can spawn and be shot down for bonus essence.

New challenges and rewards

Haunting brings two sets of nine challenges. War zone And other Black Ops Cold War.. Complete the challenge to acquire new items such as weapon blueprints. Completing either set unlocks the new LAPA SMG. This is a high-damage weapon with solid control and range.

Want to spin a new weapon right away?To buy Terrible end bundleLaunched with The Haunting, equipped with the “Abnormal” Weapon Blueprint, the first weapon blueprint for this new weapon.

More horror in the store

Check out the store during Halloween Week for a chance to buy new Super Rarity Operator Skins in 3 bundles. Dress for killing at Portnova’s Tracer Pack: Necro Queen Reactive Mastercraft BundleWe are looking for an acolyte as a “Mayhem’s disciple” Tracer Pack: Disciple of Mayhem Ultra Bundle, And illuminate the night Tracer Pack: Lumens Maxis Ultra Bundle..

Haven’t participated in the battle yet? get Black Ops Cold War In today’s Xbox store, And experience The Haunting on October 19th.