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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and War Zone Season 4 will be released on June 17

A masked Perseuster caused two CIA satellites to crash into the earth, and the newly released Russell Adler led the counterattack.The stage is ready for the new war in the fourth season Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with War zone Suitable for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.The free content of the fourth season includes four new multiplayer maps, five new weapons, a new winning streak, new zombies and War zone Content and so on.

This is the content of the fourth season.

Ground fall event

At the time of launch, the Ground Fall limited-time event challenged players to find and obtain satellite links to obtain exclusive loot and rewards.Address goals related to new content Black Ops Cold War And new points of interest War zone.

Complete all six challenges, in addition to badges, calling cards, satellite weapon amulet, and XP earned along the way, you can also unlock an epic blueprint for secondary weapons.

Five new weapons

Fight your enemies with five new fourth season weapons:

MG 82 LMG (launch week)— Get this fast, high-capacity LMG lead for free on the 15th floor of the fourth season battle pass.

C58 assault rifle (launch week) — C58’s single-shot damage is comparable to AK-47, with faster bullet speed and reliable recoil control, and can be unlocked on the 31st floor for free.

Unlock the other three weapons-Nail Gun, OTs 9 SMG and Mace by completing the challenges in the game or purchasing the corresponding bundles in the store.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

New multiplayer maps, zombie content and more

Incidental products (12v12) and incidental strikes (6v6) (startup week): Fight under the scorching sun of the Algerian desert in this fast-paced map designed for traditional and combined arms games. Explore the crash site of the CIA satellite in an abandoned village near the oil drilling operation and sand dunes.

Amsterdam (2v2/3v3, release week): Bring the battle to the rooftops of Amsterdam, in Black Ops Cold War There is nowhere to escape the campaign mission. Support shootouts and standoffs.

Hijacking (6v6, release week): All board the iconic superyacht!This map immediately became a classic when it was first launched Black Ops IIWhen you cross international waters, fight on all decks and enter the boiler room.

Sprint (6v6, mid-season): Shuttle through the paintball arena in this remastered classic game with narrow choke points, scattered exterior structures and plenty of melee opportunities.

A new model, two return to classics

In the new multi-team satellite link game mode, compete as one of ten teams. The task of the operator is to locate, activate and protect the satellite links marked on the map.

The classic free party game One in the Chamber will also be released in the fourth quarter. Each player has three lives and a one-hit bullet to start. After each elimination, you will get one more bullet. And pay close attention to the return of Capture the Flag, which will come later this season.

New result: hand cannon

Use hand cannon to bombard the enemy. This is a semi-automatic pistol that can cause huge damage to enemy operators and enemy ground vehicles. Just eight rounds to make your shot count. The absolute damage it causes is worth the challenge.

New outbreak area: zoo

Fight the undead in the huge zoo located deep in the Ural Mountains. Complete new goals, search for resources in the area, find new intelligence, and participate in world events.

Mauer der Toten: A new zombie experience in mid-season

The story of Dark Aether continues in Mauer der Toten. This is the latest turn-based zombie experience. The background is a devastating zombie invasion that took place in the war-torn East Berlin. Expect a lot of new twists and turns and terrible new threats to overcome.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

New points of interest and more War zone

New POI: Location of satellite crash (release week)

Interact with the satellite link that crashed in Verdansk to get permanent rewards for ground crashes and other powerful items such as combos, vehicles, and field upgrades. The location of the satellite crash will not appear on your Tac map, but it is impossible to miss it at the scene.

Red Gate (release week)

Current intelligence cannot explain the origin of these mysterious red gates that began to appear in Verdansk. If you dare, please go through the red door.

New Gulag and vehicles

When entering the Gulag at the beginning of the fourth season, fight for your life in the 1v1 version of hijacking. Please also pay attention to the new off-road vehicle, which is a flexible vehicle with an excellent turning radius and space for two people, which can take a share of the Verdansk landscape.

new War zone mode

Participate in the new Verdansk Resurgence Mini playlist when it is released in Season 4. This is a more dynamic small survival experience without gulags, additional enemy intelligence, revival timers, and special supply boxes.

Later this season, Payload was introduced War zoneThe first goal-based game mode. Escort two caravans through a series of checkpoints and build or destroy obstacles along the way, while looking for items that help achieve their goals.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

New battle pass, operators, etc.

The fourth season brings all this and more with new battle passes, three new playable operators, new prestige levels, new challenges in multiplayer games and zombies, and more surprises.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Give gifts of warrior warrants and store bundles

Is your friend in trouble in the crazy TDM game on Hijacked? Are you ready for the skill of rewarding a friend in a frenzied explosive boss battle? Is there a teammate whose birthday is nearing? It’s time to give away battle passes or bundles to thank them for everything they did.

During the limited time from June 17th to June 30th, players who use the gift function for the first time can get 60 minutes of Double Battle Pass XP tokens for free, which are suitable for battle pass or store bundled gift purchases. Since it also includes a complimentary battle pass, when you and your friends unlock 100 layers of exciting content this season, this is a great way to take advantage of double XP for an hour.

How to give gifts Black Ops Cold War

Starting from the fourth season, friends can now give each other Battle Passes, Battle Pass Bundles, or any other store bundles in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Check out the details below for a quick step-by-step guide for gifters:

1. After starting Black Ops Cold War, navigate to the Battle Pass menu, or any bundle that can be purchased with COD points in the store menu. An opening prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen, with a description of the gift-giving process.

2. Make sure you set up two-factor authentication for Battle Pass or Store Bundle Gifting. If you haven’t already, you can easily set it up in the game. If you have already set it up, you can skip this step by selecting the appropriate option on the instruction screen.

3. In the provided Activision friends list, select the friends you want to give away.This includes All Cross-platform and even cross-country friends.

4. If you have enough COD points, once you confirm the transaction, the gift will be sent to your friends. If you don’t have enough points, don’t worry about starting from the beginning, you can buy more and return the gift immediately.

Haven’t joined the battle yet? Get Black Ops Cold War in the Xbox Store nowAnd prepare for the fourth season!

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