Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Bungee HR manager has resigned

IGN learned that Bungie Head of HR Gayle d’Hondt has resigned from her role in the company after being effective for over 14 years today.

In an email circulated to today’s employees fully confirmed by IGN, Dont recalls her time at the company: “Everyone working here is safe, welcoming and supportive. I want to do everything with my power to make sure that. Environment. “Next, she said in a membership where the company’s personnel team is” mainly composed of people unfamiliar with bungee. ” He said he needed to “move forward.”

“I know they need to be trusted to be your supporters-don’t be labeled as’enabler’or seen as a resource of a company that provides safe harbors to villains. “She wrote.

D’Hondt has officially resigned from his formal role as senior employee relations manager, but it’s not clear if she will remain in the company.In her email, she states, “I’ll work with Holly.” [Barbacovi, chief people officer] The bungee leadership team then decides what the appropriate next step is. “

Also, in her message, d’Hondt said that her time at Bungie was “very challenging, including employee retirement for” performance, bad behavior, discrimination, racism, sexual harassment. ” He said it included working on “interpersonal relationships.”

She added that this also included reports of her own abusers.

D’Hondt concludes her email with: Some mistakes, and to make it a better version of ourselves-a company I know we can-we sincerely acknowledge, face and grow together Must be. “

D’Hondt’s announcement comes less than a week after an extensive report on Bungie’s work culture, which spans more than a decade of sexism, youth club culture, crunches, and the long history of HR protection for abusers. .. It also included details of Bungy’s recent efforts to turn the culture around, including quietly eliminating many harmful individuals from the company over the past few years.

Bungie did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN.She can be found on twitter @duckvalentine..