Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Bullseye (yes, the British Game Show in the 1980s) brings darts and trivia about to switch

Ok! It seems that Nintendo leaked all the big-name attributes before its E3 2021 demo! Before its debut at the Ubisoft Forward event at the weekend, a rogue game page not only revealed the existence of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, but now Nintendo has also released the Bullseye game page, which is a license based on a British game show in the 1980s Darts Game-Presumably a million-ton announcement of “one other thing” saved for today’s Nintendo live broadcast…

Ok, Maybe not, But for those who grew up in the UK, watch Bully (the show’s mascot bull) and host Jim Bowen use speedboats and other luxurious (if impractical) prizes for contestants from the outback cities of Midlands Send it home, this and any “new F-ZERO FOR SWITCH” announcement may be.

If you are not familiar with this show (due to geography or age), it combines quiz-style trivia with the excitement of darts. It sounds like we are joking, but the game can be really stressful and involves a lot of skill and precision. plus, How many other games can you play with a pint with your other hand? This is an excellent sport and we will not hear any words against it.

Publisher Sabec has formed in the field of video game versions of bar games.Whether this new version of the 1-4 player game will re-use elements elsewhere, we don’t know, but we’re pretty sure in 2020 Darts “5000 multiple choice questions across ten categories” is not included.

Here are some screenshots for you:

Bullseye will land on the Switch on June 17, priced at £12.99/US$12.99. To say that our expectations are low is an understatement, but after two terrible E3 demos this Monday, it may be worth investigating the novelty value alone.If it has Full introduction of the show, The pure WTFness of having it on our Nintendo Switch will be worth the admission.

Will you pick this up next week? bully you! Don’t forget to listen to our report on today’s Nintendo Direct-our Blind Day with Switch on our E3 Bingo Card.