Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

British retailer Currys had a deal on Metroid Dread, but it was too good to be true

Image: Nintendo

Update # 2: We have received numerous reports (from social media and our staff) that Currys shipped with respect rather than canceling the order. Fair play, Currys!

Update # 1 [Thu 16th Sep, 2021 15:45 BST]: Adding a game to the basket seems to reveal the actual price charged for the next game, £ 49.99. A sad face all over. It remains to be seen if the orders of those who could get it for only £ 26.99 will be respected.

Metroid Dread Currys 49.99
Image: Nintendo Life

original: If you’re in the UK and could resist calling the Metroid Dread pre-order siren before the October 8 release date, check out this great deal from retailer Currys / PC World. It is recommended.

This does not include flashy pre-order bonuses or statues or stickers, but apparently you will get A physical copy of the Metroid Dread is only £ 26.99..

Is this some sort of mistake, or is it a calculated loss leader to flock you to your site?I could not say [YES WE CAN — SEE THE UPDATE ABOVE — IT WAS LIES, ALL LIES!!]However, it’s hard to discuss its price for a brand new first-party Nintendo game on release date.

If you ordered Currys, please let us know below. If you’re not in the UK, check out the best offers you can find elsewhere on the Metroid Dread pre-orders page.