Monday, May 23rd, 2022

British Cold Tank arrives at World of Tanks


  • The British are coming and ready to dominate in the latest reward-packed season, British Invasion. World of tanks..
  • This new season is linked to the introduction of the game’s first British tank for Cold War mode.
  • More game content is also invading, such as mercenary tank contracts and garage and game UI updates.

Centurion. Chieftain. Challenger. These are some of the British tanks that defined tank warfare in the second half of the 20th century.

But you don’t have to be a military history enthusiast to enjoy their power.These tanks and some other British beasts come directly to your console World of tanksArrived on the waves throughout our latest season: British Invasion!

British Invasion is packed with new challenges and new rewards. Gold, silver, premium time, seasonal emblems and more are all yours! Players also have access to rewards in three tiers: Free Rewards, Season Pass Rewards, and Ultimate Season Pass Rewards.

All players will automatically have access to Free Rewards Tier. This will reward you every 3 of the 100 levels in the season.

However, to take advantage of British Invasion, check out the Season Pass.Season Passes allow you to earn rewards at all levels you complete In addition to Rewards from Free Rewards Tier! And this season, the Season Pass Rewards will include the FV4211 power plant, the game’s first heavy tank from the Cold War era.

Want the ultimate UK experience? Get your Ultimate Season Pass. You can get everything from Free Rewards and Season Pass Tiers. Plus, you’ll earn even more rewards, including a month of exclusive access to the game’s first Cold War British light tank, the RDF / LT light tank. Not only that; the Ultimate Season Pass is available at amazing discounts in time for your winter vacation. Don’t miss this chance to give a real gift!

These new tanks and new rewards are just the first wave of British celebrations to drop on December 7th. On December 14th, a brand new British vehicle line will arrive for the gameplay in Cold War mode of the game. Supporting the invasion are flexible medium tanks and intense heavy tanks, including the conqueror-like historic vehicles that players have been waiting for since the Cold War mode debuted. World of tanks..

World of Tanks: British Invasion

And reinforcements arrived in January! Command a new fast-moving British light tank or unleash the firepower of a new British tank destroyer, dominate the Cold War mode and lead the Western Alliance to victory. It’s up to you: Choose a brand new British tank that suits your playing style and claim your victory!

Not only that. The British Invasion season has even more exciting gaming content in the hands of tankers. With popular demand, contracts to win mercenary tanks will return to the game, giving you the opportunity to prove your skills and win legendary tanks for your work! You’ll also see a new garage and a new UI to immerse yourself in the tanking experience.

British troops are coming … and they are bringing an exhilarating new season of console-based tank warfare! Are you ready to launch for hope and glory?Then don’t miss British Invasion World of tanks.. roll out!


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