Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Bring game fun and community to everyone

At Xbox, our mission is simple: to bring the fun and community of gaming to everyone on the planet. In order to achieve this goal, we hope that everyone can play the game you want with the people you want anywhere.

Before the first ever Xbox and Bethesda Showcase on Sunday, we will unveil our best and largest game lineup ever. Xbox head Phil Spencer and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussed the importance of games to Microsoft and the world Sex. We also shared new updates on how Xbox Game Pass has changed the way we discover, connect, and play games, and how all games from Xbox and its 23 studios can go to more screens.

“We believe that games, or interactive entertainment, have nothing to do with hardware and software. It has nothing to do with pixels. This is about people. Games bring people together,” Spencer said. “Games bridge the gap, build bonds, and resonate with people all over the world. Joy and community-that’s why we are here.”

“Games are fundamentally in line with our mission as a company,” Nadella said. “When you talk about Xbox’s mission to bring joy and gaming communities to everyone on the planet, I like it very much. This is exactly the same as Microsoft’s mission, which is to enable everyone and every organization on the planet to achieve better Many goals. “

“As a company, Microsoft is fully committed to games. Games are the most dynamic category in the entertainment industry. Three billion consumers want entertainment, community, creativity, and a sense of real accomplishment through games, and our goal is to make everyone in Play games, no matter where they play.”

“We believe that Microsoft can play a leading role in democratizing games and defining the future of interactive entertainment. We believe that we have incredible competitive advantages in three key areas: First, our leadership in cloud computing. Second, We must build resources for the subscription service Xbox Game Pass. Third, our overall focus is to empower creators.”

To expand our efforts to reach billions of players through Xbox, today we provide a new update on success Xbox Game Pass Xbox’s next plan:

Xbox Game Pass is changing the way we discover, connect and play games

  • Xbox Game Pass members play 30% more types and 40% more games. More than 90% of members stated that they played a game that they would not try without a Game Pass.
  • On average, in the entire Game Pass library, partners found that participation increased by more than 8 times when they entered Game Pass.
  • Whether it is buying games inside or outside the library, or buying additional content for their favorite games, members spend 50% more than non-members.
  • Xbox Game Pass has become a true discovery engine, connection and community platform, and is driving game sales. The new insights we shared today include:
    • Since we started working with EA Play in Game Pass Ultimate, our players have been participating in EA’s subscription service in an important way. Compared with the pre-integration period, the utilization rate of EA Play on Microsoft platforms hit a record high, and the play time on these platforms has increased by more than 200%. As a result, EA’s incredible game portfolio has attracted millions of new fans on the Xbox platform.
    • New Square Enix game Pioneer In Game Pass, it is also the number one selling digital game during Xbox release week, and the top 10 Xbox digital game sales in April. Game Pass has helped millions of players introduce the game.
    • During the release week, Major League Baseball: Show 21 It is the largest sports game on Xbox in the past year and the second largest sports game in Xbox history. Game Pass added millions of new fans and significantly increased the player base of Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball: Show 21 It is also the top-selling paid game on Xbox in April.

Xbox and Xbox Game Pass are coming to more screens soon

  • Xbox is working with global TV manufacturers to embed the Xbox experience directly into connected TVs without the need for additional hardware other than the controller.
  • Xbox is exploring new Xbox Game Pass subscription products so that more players around the world can experience the most immersive and interesting games across devices, regions, and financial realities.
  • Xbox is working with telecommunications providers to develop new purchasing models, such as Xbox All Access, which allows consumers to purchase game consoles and Game Pass at a lower monthly price instead of spending money in advance.
  • Xbox is building its own cloud game streaming device to access gamers on any TV or monitor without the need for a console at all.
  • Cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be launched in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan later this year.
  • In the next few weeks, cloud gaming on the browser will be available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. With Edge, Chrome and Safari support, players can almost click the game on any device.
  • We are in the final stages of updating our Microsoft data centers around the world with our latest generation hardware Xbox Series X. This means that gamers will see faster loading times, higher frame rates and experience Xbox Series X|S optimized games.
  • Later this year, we will add cloud gaming directly to the Xbox application on the PC and integrate it into our console experience to light up the scene of trying and waiting before downloading.

Incredible game pipeline

  • There are more than 23 studios around the world developing games for Xbox, and our goal is to release at least one new first-party game to Game Pass every quarter. Role-playing games, shooting games, strategy games, adventure games, etc. are all created by our first-party team to ensure a steady stream of fascinating and exclusive content to explore.
  • Since the launch of the program, our independent developer program ID@Xbox has earned developers more than $2 billion in revenue, launched more than 2,000 games, and more games are in development.The model is now used ID@Azure, Allowing independent developers to build cloud-based experiences. These programs bring new sounds from different backgrounds into the world of game development.

As Phil Spencer pointed out on the opening day, the team knows that achieving its mission is not easy and there is still a long way to go. But he believes that only Microsoft can truly bring the fun and community of games to everyone, and it can bring global scale, a huge source of technological innovation, financial resources, and a profound legacy of decades in the field of video games.

To learn more about the next incredible wave of games you are about to enjoy, join our Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase on Sunday, June 13th at 10 AM Pacific Time.