Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Board Game Deals: Save on Catan, Marvel, Groom Haven and more

We are in the first week of October and things are already starting to get hot for the holiday season. Amazon is currently having a really great sale on board games, calling it an “epic” daily deal, as opposed to the usual non-epic “today’s deal”.

There are a lot of really great board games on the market right now, including Gloomhaven at Amazon’s lowest price.

Amazon Board Game Deals

The lowest price ever!


This large, legendary board game is now $ 5 cheaper than Amazon’s cheapest price ever. It’s usually a good deal if you’re selling around $ 100, but it’s literally the best deal ever in this incredible board game.

3D version of Catan

Catan Pioneer 3D version

Recent 3D versions of this best-ever classic board game are enjoying significant price cuts.

Crew-The quest for Planet Nine

Crew-Exploring the Planet Nine

This card-based game has over 50 different missions that increase in difficulty.

Anno 1800-Board game

Anno 1800-Board of Directors game

It is a standard PC game suitable for tabletop play and is still on sale.

Trading of these board games runs through the end of today and knows who will come back when.After postponing most of the year, Amazon seems to have opened the sluice of trading today, so there’s a lot Opportunity to save About things other than board games. I think board games are the most exciting thing today.

I also checked Catan3D if I wanted to notify myself before making a purchase. The sale price is much more attractive than the full $ 300 price tag.

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