Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Blue Blur 30th Anniversary Loom was found to be a Sonic series product


This year will definitely continue to develop, just like an iconic video game character, it used to be Mario’s ultimate competitor.For Sonic, now is a relatively good time, the latest high-profile platform game starring the mascot is brilliant Sonic maniaAnd the movie “Doctor” played by Jim Carrey Egg man Robotnik has achieved enough success to give the green light for the sequel. It will arrive next year.

Of course, what is imminent is the official 30th anniversary of the original classic. Although only sadists hope to hold such a terrible event as the 25th anniversary, some form of summer game release will proceed smoothly. There have been various rumors, including the return of Sonic Colors Remaster and Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic 3 seems to have been blocked recently due to reported music copyright issues.

We have a list of traditional leak sources, French retailers, indicating that the latter’s rumors are easy to operate but very popular Sonic series Inbound. Of course, this makes sense, because it is a way of providing nostalgia to older players like this humble liner while introducing classic games to younger players.

As for which games can be included (except Sonic 3, hopefully), who knows?This Sonic Mega series The games on GameCube-especially the Plus variants on PS2 and Xbox-set a high standard in terms of sheer number of games. Sonic Classic Series It is an ingenious but flawed port of 16-bit games on DS, and there are various SEGA series, 3D reissued on 3DS and more content including many Sonic games.

If this Sonic series does pass, we will be very interested to see the products provided by SEGA. Remember, Sonic is cool again. It must be good to say so.