Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

BloodRayne ReVamped Review (Switch eShop)

All other “new” games released recently feel like a remake or remaster of some old games. However, this is worth it. It’s great that great games that were previously locked to older platforms have been introduced to the latest devices with improvements and additions. But just because the game is retro doesn’t mean it needs to be revisited. Some games are best kept in the past, and Blood Rayne is one of them. There may be some interesting assumptions in 2002, but BloodRayne ReVamped is a boring, unsightly, almost broken game mess that you absolutely must avoid.

BloodRayne gives you the role of Rayne, the “Dhampir” of half-human and half-vampires who lived in the 1930s during the height of the Nazi regime. Hitler formed a secret organization to investigate how the occult could be used to support the Nazi efforts, and this is clearly called Rain to address the problems it began to cause. The result is. It’s far from a fascinating story, and it’s not helped at all by the boring and boring performances from the voice cast, but it’s vaguely fascinating to be found in the shrocky confusion of what the story will be. There is something. It’s in that “very bad-it’s good” category.

Gameplay can be best described as a 3D platformer with hack and slash combat and shooting elements, but unfortunately neither platforming nor combat is attractive.Devil May Cry Ratchet & crank Ran, BloodRayne almost crawled, but this is due to a number of issues.

For one thing, the controls feel stiff and unintuitive, which can be quite frustrating for rare cases where precision is required.For example, Rain is supposed to walk a tightrope on a narrow platform that has landed, but it needs to land. right Place it on the platform or instead slide it off like buttering your shoes.

This is bad enough, but the levels are similarly dull and weirdly designed. Simply put, there is no sense of flow or logic about how each level is arranged, and you feel that the buildings, rooms, or islands are cluttered. In these environments, there’s nothing worth finding, except for more guns and ammo, so exploration is rewarding and most enemy encounters end as soon as they start. Especially for linear games like this, there is usually some sort of rising “interest rate curve” where the level reinvents itself and casts an interesting new situation on the player. For BloodRayne, the curve remains flat, as it’s easy to see that the game has nothing else to display other than the ideas presented in the first few minutes.

On the surface, fighting in a release focused on it may seem at least worth the admission, but Blood Rayne drops the ball again. The problem here is that there is no meaningful feedback and the balance is everywhere. Swiping an enemy with a sword or blasting an enemy with a shotgun will not trip or fall back as expected. This means that most encounters will mash the button several times until the enemy suddenly collapses. Over or explosion or something. The important relationship that normally exists between your attack and the reaction of the enemy in other games is basically not here. On the other hand, if you’re not strong enough, just tap the “Y” next to the closest humanoid enemy and you’ll see Rain catching the enemy effortlessly and sucking blood. .. zero Resistance, regaining at least a quarter of her health bar in the process.

There’s something to say about the value of making a player character feel like an unstoppable force, but BloodRayne’s combat unfortunately feels like there’s a “God Mode” setting that can’t be turned off. Enemy resistance is pathetic and simple, but Rain is so overwhelmed that the sense of challenge and conspiracy is quickly lost. Reaping a few weak enemies at once is not fun. Rain unlocks the new combo move every few minutes, further widening the power gap.

In better games, these new unlockable moves lead to deeper and more interesting combat, but BloodRayne doesn’t take advantage of that potential in this regard.Some distinctive weapons, attack types, element effects, or Something To spice up, you’ll instead mash the attack button and see her basic combos and firearms do all the work. Later, you’ll get a time slowdown effect and a zoom-in feature, but neither of these makes sense if there are no enemies who need to use them. Plus, without Rain’s scoring system, currency, or upgrade paths, the fight will feel more like a filler than the meaningful encounters you’re looking forward to. They aren’t fun to join and literally get nothing after that.

So the story is pretty rough, but not fun, but the gameplay is basic at best and annoying at worst, but what about the graphics improvements that come with the new “ReVamped” subtitles? Well, as it’s worth it, this is the best BloodRayne has ever seen, but it’s a layered statement. The textures are much more detailed than the original real-time dynamic lighting, and the enhanced water reflections etc. indicate that this is being done on newer hardware. However, the model is still thick and low poly, so the improvement stops here. This port isn’t a complete remaster, it’s marketed as much as the cleanup of the original game, and while there’s not much you can expect from a game released almost 20 years ago, there’s still a bit more potential. It feels like it was done to trim the visuals of Blood Rayne.

Given the range of this port, relatively untouched visuals may be acceptable, but performance is unacceptably low, further reducing the draw for this re-release. The worst problem is that frame rates are everywhere. It can be 60 FPS, but as soon as a few enemies appear on the screen, you will comfortably fall into an area below 30 FPS. What do you think of Switch’s relatively low graphic power? However, it is unacceptable that 6th generation console games are not so optimized.

To make matters worse, I couldn’t play more than 30 minutes at a time unless the game crashed and needed to be restarted. Fortunately, the levels are very short and saves are quite frequent, so these reboots didn’t clear the progress very much, but the problem with the crash is that this is a disappointing and poor port. It just emphasizes what was found.


I’m not going to chop up the words here. BloodRayne is a delightful and frustrating experience that completely wastes both time and money. Combat is dull, level design isn’t interesting, graphics are simply safe, all of which is further reduced by rampant performance issues and crash issues. The value of Blood Rayne in modern video game discourse is primarily interesting, reminiscent of how much game design has evolved over the last few decades. We recommend that you make this a hard path. If you’re looking for a terrifying, combat-intensive adventure featuring an exciting and vulgar female lead, we recommend using Bayonetta instead.