Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Blizzard will show off the new PVP Overwatch map in a special 5th anniversary live broadcast

© Blizzard

Although many Overwatch After the departure of Game Director Jeff Kaplan last month, the community is still recovering, and the latest developer update has now been released.

It is hosted by the successors of Aaron Keller and Jeff, the founding members of the original Overwatch team – focus on Overwatch 2 And the original version.

As “Overwatch” approaches its fifth anniversary, the “Overwatch” development team and the “Overwatch League” team are planning to share the sequel’s PVP (player-to-player) content in a special live broadcast on May 20. This will include some material for the new map. Please keep in mind that it is still under development:

“Now it’s just setting expectations-everything we will show is under development and still in progress.”

Next is a special Reddit AMA on the “Overwatch” subreddit on May 24th-the team will discuss the development of “Overwatch” over the past five years and share more information about the development of “Overwatch 2”.

As previously confirmed, the original Overwatch players will have full access to the PvP content of the sequel. Do you want to learn more about the sequel? Leave a comment below.