Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Blizzard delayed Overwatch 2 (again)

When Blizzard announces a sequel to a team-based hero shooter Overwatch In 2019, it revealed that it was still a while away.

It’s late again now-the company announced during a recent investor phone call that it’s now planning a “later launch” for Overwatch 2 We guarantee that your game will reach its “maximum potential” during the development cycle. This follows Activision Blizzard’s confirmation at the beginning of February this year that the game will not arrive in 2021.

For the latest updates Diablo IVAlthough there is no mention that this game will be released on the Nintendo platform.

As Blizzard and the franchise itself have taken on new leadership, especially in certain important creative roles, some of Blizzard’s content planned for next year will be more to maximize its potential. It turns out that it will benefit from a lot of development time.

We’re still planning to deliver a fair amount of content from Blizzard next year, but now Overwatch 2 When Diablo IV Than originally expected.

These are two of the most anticipated titles in the industry and our team has made great strides towards completion in the last quarter. However, I’m confident that these releases will please and engage the community in the future by completing production to support the title after the release and giving the team extra time to continue to increase creative resources. doing.

These decisions will boost the fiscal rise expected to be seen next year. But I am convinced that this is the right course of action for the long-term success of our employees, players and franchises.

In previous developments, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan left the company 19 years later earlier this year. He replaced Aaron Keller, who announced that Overwatch 2 would remove the second tank slot from the PVP team.

And more recently, the development team has changed the name of the hero to McCree. McCree is now known as Cole Cassidy. The character was originally named after one of the current ex-employees involved in recent harassment and discrimination proceedings. This was filed by the State of California against Activision Blizzard.

What do you think about having to wait a little longer for Overwatch 2? Did you play the original title on Nintendo Switch? Please leave a comment below.