Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Blasphemous: Eventide Free DLC Scratches Arrives Immediately on Switch

Back in August, it was announced that it was pretty good Blasphemous Get another (and last) free DLC extension titled “Wounds of Eventide”, Blasphemy II Is under development in 2023. It’s a crowded genre in the e-shop, but the writer’s view is that it’s a game of outstanding Metroidvania / Souls-like / Insert-iffy-comparison-here the developer Gamer Bakers. more It’s pretty fun.

The final update will arrive on all platforms above, as confirmed by publisher Team17 as part of the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards sizzle reel. December 9thSo it doesn’t take long to wait to see what it is. Beyond the first bullying, “His end was just the beginning,” along with some new footage of the video, the details are still thin on the ground. It looks like a setting that might be a dry sea, and there’s an impressive boss fight clip-including a giant snake that looks especially deadly.

More will be revealed for the release. It’s certainly impressive that the amount of content added to this game after its release is free.

If you plan to return to Blasphemous for an update, or if it’s on your wishlist and you’re more attracted to the new content along the way, let us know in the comments.