Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Blacktail Hands On: Become a Kind Child or Evil Witch in this chilly Baba Yaga Origin Story

It’s no secret that many of the old fairy tales have disturbing and eerie qualities, but perhaps none other than the old youkai Baba Yaga, best known for living in a chickenfoot hut. Hmm. In the upcoming action-adventure survival game Blacktail, developer The Parasight aims to give the legendary witch a story of dark origin. In a short amount of time with it, you can prove its unpleasant level of strangeness. Not only is the world with talking plants and ominous kittens wonderfully different, but the protagonist himself is a wizard shooter with a darkness that is truly disturbing to her. Blacktail isn’t exactly a horror game, but I don’t think I’ve been more surprised by the character I’m playing than my short time as a 16-year-old witch.

The world of blacktail is a wicked mushroom that curses me, a strange shadow cat with magical powers, and pretty rude in my head that wants me to do indescribable evil deeds. It was full of voices, but I may have the most nervous element of all of them myself was my character. As a 16-year-old girl accused of magic and expelled from her home, I wandered through the woods and proved my innocence … I did a lot of magic.

But was I really a feared and abusive wicked kid? The answer was left to decide when I did bad deeds or good deeds and formed an alliance with the benevolent or evil forest villains to define my path. Some decisions were small, such as whether to harm innocent animals in the forest or to help animals in need. A more substantive decision involved choosing the side with the anthropomorphic mushroom opposition faction who had different opinions about whether it was okay to kill people.

My decision influenced how characters around the world felt about me. For example, the bloodthirsty mushroom I checked certainly didn’t make me feel comfortable at the neck of the forest. In fact, its reputation as a benevolent Wicken made it completely unacceptable for quests from certain malicious characters. My good or bad adjustments also affected gameplay. Evil makes combat better, and good makes it easier to manage the survival game elements of the Blacktail. And while I couldn’t make enough progress to unlock many of them in this demo, my status as a certified compassionate witch made me succumb to my dark instinct. It also gave me access to skills that I couldn’t access if I did.

Evil makes combat better, and good makes it easier to manage the survival game elements of the Blacktail.


Even if I did my best, I couldn’t save me from the real eerieness of the Blacktail’s otherworldly wilderness. There was almost no time to rest assured that there were strange sounds, ghostly appearances and disappearances in front of me, and giant rabbit skulls scattered everywhere. The developer Parasite has done a great job so far to create an annoying setting from this world that fits the story around the legendary witch Baba Yaga.

I was consistently anxious about my time with Blacktail, but I’m looking forward to returning to the Witch’s boots and seeing how the Origin Story unfolds.