Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Black Friday 2021: Great Britain’s Best PS5 SSD Deals

Storage issues are a fairly common complaint among next-generation console owners. The 825GB of storage that comes with the PS5 can quickly be exhausted even in a collection of medium-sized games. If you want to increase the storage space of your PS5, Black Friday is the best choice.

Amazon offers decent savings in the range of this Black Friday PS5 SSD and heatsink. You don’t have to worry about having to cash these transactions now and free up space on your PS5 again. See the complete summary for PS5 and PlayStation deals.

Top pick: WD SN850 1TB with heat sink

Our number one choice for making the best PS5 SSD trading on Black Friday this week is the WD SN850 with a built-in heatsink. It’s currently available for only £ 167.98. The drive utilizes PCle Gen-4 technology and boasts a very good read speed of up to 700mbp / s. You don’t even have to pay extra cash for your heatsink. With the built-in heatsink, you can push the boundaries of your gaming experience.

Top pick: with heat sink ADATA S70 BLADE 1TB

Another amazing deal on Black Friday was the ADATA S70 BLADE 1TB with heatsink, which was only £ 114.58 (£ 179.99) on Amazon. This comes with a convenient heatsink, making it the most affordable option when expanding PS5 SSD storage.

ADATA S70 BLADE 1TB / with heat sink

Greater PS5 SSD deals

Heat sink savings

As you may know, if your PS5 SSD doesn’t have a built-in heatsink, you’ll need to get one. We’ve put together some of the best deals you can find about these as well.

ELUTENG M.2 SSD NVME heat sink