Monday, November 29th, 2021

Big Pokemon Cafe ReMix Update Now Live on Mobile and Switch

Image: Pokemon Company

At the Pokemon Presents Showcase in August Pokemon Cafe Mix I was getting a big update. Well, it’s currently published on Switch, iOS, and Android, and there’s also a brand change that has been renamed as follows: Pokemon Cafe ReMix..

So what does it add? This is actually a fleshy update, and the mood of the game can be quite different for the depressed person.last week Official summary An excerpt of the changes is shown below.

In addition to the traditional levels, there are new game modes you can try with Pokémon Café ReMix!

Pokemon Visiting Mode (Main Order)

Complete the Pokemon puzzles of your customers coming to the cafe and prepare drinks and food. Cafe owners can choose which visiting Pokemon to order from. You can also use the golden acorns to bring in Pokemon from a variety of customers.

You can also now provide a heap to assist Pokemon in gaining a bonus friendship level when you complete an order, or offer additional orders to customers who previously ordered. If you want to recruit a particular Pokemon or get lots of items to help a particular Pokemon grow, try one of these methods.

Please note that the current Pokemon invitation system will be deprecated. You can also play Master Cafe Mode even if you have completed all the major orders currently available. (Up to main order # 300 will be available at the time of major update.)

Past order mode

Pokemon Visiting Mode (Main Order) can be played again after completion. For example, if you clear an order with 1 star, you can retry and aim for 3 stars. Retrying past orders will add the difference in stars earned to the Pokemon friendship level of the customer who served during the re-challenge.

Menu development mode

Once the staff’s Pokemon and their levels meet certain conditions, you will be able to develop new menu items. In menu development, Pokemon that meet the criteria for new menu items are assigned as leaders to complete the puzzle.

Training mode

Training to level up the Pokemon of individual staff. Raising the level of staff will allow you to take advantage of puzzles and develop new menu items.

Reorder mode

The main orders so far have been additional orders, and you will be able to play up to order number 1,200. You can also increase the friendship level of Pokemon in this mode.

You will also receive special rewards when you complete a particular order. The rewards are:

Order number 100: Charmander
Order number 600: Chef Caucasian and Pikachu
Order number 1,200: Chef Caucasian and Lucario

There are others, so it’s worth checking the entire page. Also, keep in mind that as updates are applied, your progress will be carried over and you may soon be able to earn additional perks and perks.

Like many games like this, it can be started for free, so it may be the perfect time for us cafe lazy people to check it out for the first time.

Would you like to see the Pokemon Cafe Remix?