Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Beyond a Steel Sky Dev Diary introduces its gorgeous comic-style visuals

Beyond the steel sky It was a welcome announcement for Switch in early September as a “major successor” to worship classic point-and-click games. Under the steel’s been Go out on steam And for over a year, iOS has received positive user reviews and is the latest view of Revolution Software. The developer title certainly gives an optimistic view.

This new game is “3D Adventure Thriller” with an eye-catching art style. The new development diary video above describes the processes and technologies that give the game a unique look. Dave Gibbons is a game that aims to recreate the style of graphic novels and participates to provide the design and expertise of everything in comic books. The result is very impressive.

Below is a little more detail on what you can expect when Beyond a Steel Sky arrives on November 30th.

Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword series, introduces the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic “Beneath a Steel Sky”, “Beyond A Steel Sky,” along with art direction by the legendary cartoonist Dave Gibbons behind “Watchmen.” To do.

You are Robert Forster. The child was kidnapped in a brutal attack. You vowed to take him home. The trail has led you to Union City, one of the last remaining megacities in a world devastated by devastating wars and political collapse.

Union City is a utopia and its people love life under the control of altruistic AI. Always attentive androids, designer living rooms, squares, bars and more. What should I not love? But this city has a dark hunger …

“Beyonda Steel Sky” is a dramatic and humorous cyberpunk thriller where fascinating puzzles drive a fast-paced story set in a dynamic game world that reacts to and destroys player actions.

Is this for a wish list?