Bethesda has fans excited about Starfield’s announcement at Gamescom next week.

As reported by euro gamera Bethesda blog post outlining the company’s plans for Gamescom told fans that both upcoming games would show gameplay. Get Fallout 76 while you’re at it.” “We also have some surprises and goodies in store.”

However, this part of the blog post has been removed entirely after fans started pointing out the mention. and could be completely wrong.

All that’s left of Gamescom’s Starfield is mention of a photo opportunity with the game’s life-sized robotic companion called VASCO. Starfield was also included in Xbox’s official Gamescom plans, despite the publisher saying it would provide “updates to several announced games” in lieu of revealing brand new titles at the event. not

In June, we received a ton of news about Starfield, including main quest length, space combat mechanics, and the incredible number of planets you can explore in-game.

Even if you don’t make an appearance at Gamescom, IGN will cover everything the show is worth watching, from Opening Night Live on August 23rd to the Cosplay Contest on August 28th.

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