Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Behind the scenes of the latest horror season of Army of Zombies 4

If you want to kill the Nazi zombies, Zombie Army 4: Dead Fight Available on Xbox Game Pass immediately. We are also working hard on the Season 3 Pass, and the first round of content is already live-so I want to introduce you to all the content “behind the scenes” that we have announced so far!

Each season has a mix of free and paid content. The basic game is free for everyone, and we finally completed the Dream Night mode-we have been working hard since the core game was released! This difficulty setting can eliminate the storyline and turn the game into a series of crazy combat puzzles for 1-2 players. We found that this is not as simple as increasing the number of enemies-if you can grab their heavy weapons and chop everyone else down, a group of elite enemies will not always make things harder! Our level designers must work hard to be as naughty as possible.

All players can use the new tribal map, that is, “Frozen in Fear”, which is located in the resistance base in Season 2 of Alpine Blitz (also introduced in the companion novel “Fortress of the Dead”). When we established the foundation, we found that although the level process works well for the story, it does not use the entire foundation. Therefore, our idea is to set up a tribal map after the zombie zeppelin attack, and let the player escape the ruins through a new way. The base has suffered from wars and has enriched the surrounding area, so the game experience is quite different.

Players who receive the Season 3 Pass will have access to the main content of Season 3-a new story campaign. In Season 3, we decided to open the zombie killing experience in the widely open sandbox map to reflect the origin of the game as a horror-themed alternative schedule for Sniper Elite. The new mission “Terminal Error” is a huge open base that contains a mysterious Nazi supercomputer. The base itself is a kind of Easter egg, Sniper Elite 4 Fans, but the gaming experience is very different.

Zombie Army 4: Dead Fight

For us, this is a reference point for the atmosphere of an abandoned theme park. The goal of the story is to lock the player in a haunted house. This is also a good opportunity to develop some plot clues from seasons 1 and 2 into a larger-scale story, and to understand the undead Hitler is only a small part of the mysterious plan.

Season 3 will also provide players with a series of character costumes, weapons, weapon skins, amulets and hats. We cover a wide range of content so that our World War II history and horror pulp lovers can find what they like.

Zombie Army 4: Dead Fight

The M1934 pistol is part of the first content drop. It is a solid all-rounder that players can upgrade to provide beautiful deep grips. The first round of cosmetics features “Marie Undercover” costumes, zombie-themed hats and amulets (for players who think the dead look cool and want to match), and elemental skins required for basic game weapons-perfect for upgrades A player with a gun to release elemental damage.

We are currently working on a roadmap, which includes more unannounced freebies, and we hope you enjoy the products in season 3!

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The manufacturer of this Sniper Elite 4 is this heinous shooter, and Hitler’s tribe is back! In Europe in the 1940s, hateful and mysterious enemies, epic weapons and distressing new battles (1-4 players) are waiting for you. You are saving mankind in a decisive battle to save the undead world! The resistance defeated the zombie Hitler and pushed him into hell-but the rise of the dead is once again greater than before! Continue the alternative history of the zombie army trilogy on a huge new level, and discover a sinister plan that brings the survivor brigade to Italy and beyond! Experience the ballistics that define the genre, create a killer that suits you, and use firepower, lightning, and divine power when upgrading your guns to fight the dead. When the tribe surrounds you, tear them apart with enhanced melee and physical killing actions!