Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Before leaving touchdown on Xbox Game Pass

Congratulations, everyone! Hello everyone!

Excited to celebrate the arrival of interplanetary city builders Before leaving With Xbox Game Pass.

Before leaving Is a city builder in a cozy corner of the universe. Players will be introduced to “Peep”. This is a civilization that has long been forgotten but has been driven underground by catastrophic events and then re-emerged from beneath Earth. They need to grow newly emerging peep and grow a thriving community. In the meantime, we are environmentally friendly and keep an eye out for the passage of space whales that don’t say “no” to the cheeky herds of the planet.

Featuring six unique biomes and numerous islands to explore, this fascinating mini-universe is packed with everything players need to keep their peep happy, including food, shelter, and a little entertainment. Also, attention should be paid to resource and pollution levels so as not to damage the planet or affect the mental and physical health of Peep.


When you’re ready, the sky is the limit. Players leave the boundaries of their home planets to explore the solar system, establish new settlements, study ancient technologies, set interplanetary trade routes, and facilitate the smooth exchange of goods and services. You can secure it. ..

Before leaving Arrived at Xbox Game Pass on November 23rd..