Another Rogue Light Deck Builder is underway. Published by KEMCO, it contains old-fashioned JRPG-style art. It’s called Overrogue, it’s all about getting through dungeons and labyrinths, overwhelming monsters, and of course playing lots of cards to reach the Overlord Grand Title.

This is the advertising phrase. This will tell you how many card combinations are in the game.

There are up to 5 different maze themes based on card genres such as poison and graveyard. As the number of cards grows, enjoy a different deck experience each time you visit the labyrinth. With over 300 cards and 150 treasures waiting for you, combos and combinations are up to you.

The game will be released on July 7th for $ 14.99 across PS4, PS5 and Nintendo eShop, with a 10% discount on Switch.