Friday, September 17th, 2021

Become a pop star legend or monster for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, to be launched in 2022


  • burn It is a single-player interactive story that tells more than 16 endings. Will you change popular music? Start a cult? Become a monster? You decide.
  • Produced by Convict Games, creator Stone, A team of game developers, filmmakers and musicians who have worked on similar games carrion and Quantum break And movies such as “Gravity”, “Prometheus” and “Zombie World War”.
  • burn It is used to tell a new type of story, and is a character study of the length that artists can pay for their art.

Hey Xbox fans, happy to be back after the announcement Stone Come back here in January 2020. I’m Greg Louden from Convict Games and I’m here to talk about our next game, burn. and burn We want to create a story game that everyone can complete at least once-this is our most interactive story to date.We are continually working on it burn Since the beginning of the COVID lock-in, we are leveraging our passion for the stories of the music industry, pop stars, physical horror, and classic music movies. burn It is a character study and reflects how far a person can go for their art and the cost it can take.

burn Following the story of Finnish pop star Nina Burn, starting from her 16-year-old debut, 24-year-old fame and 27-year-old climax, through the shuffle moments in her life, we replay every time we You can understand Nina deeply in the story. burn It is an interactive story that will change every time it replays according to your dialogue choices. Your choice will change Nina’s style, her dialogue, music score, and lead to an ending with 16 possible outcomes (good, bad or ugly).

About another unique thing burn It’s that you will never hear Nina’s music and the music that the world worships.Instead, we are creating a multi-genre soundtrack for Nina’s story, composed by the legendary Joonas Turner, who is Tormentor X Punisher And audio comes from Bliss, Noda, Nuclear Throne, And more. Every time you play a story, it will be shuffled and it will unlock a new type of sheet music, including hip-hop, electronic music, black metal, etc. After unlocking all genres, you can select your score for future replay to view all 16 endings.

burn, Just like our debut Stone, There is also an open map to explore, including a drive-in cinema with full-length public domain classic movies, which will be announced in the front.


If you haven’t found us yet, please convict the game wisely. We are an Australian remote story game company that tells influential alternative stories Stone Now burnConvict was founded on July 5th, 2017 by my co-founders Sarah and I. Our motto is “Breaking free since 2017”. This means that we are trying to do something new with our stories instead of following others.I personally played an important role in the game, such as Quantum break, control, And more. so, burn And Convict Games is an opportunity for me to try and tell new types of stories.

Please stay tuned and follow us for more information.this is burn We are Convict Games.