Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Beautiful Desolate Review (Switch eShop)

At first, we assumed Beautiful desolation It’s some kind of lost PC game from the late 90s.Its isometric perspective and visually spectacular pre-rendered scenes are immediately called the original scene fall out with Exotic: Torture Remember, this comparison is closely related to user interface, voiceover, and cutscenes. Unfortunately, Beautiful Desolation is not suitable for bringing world-class storytelling or gameplay from its predecessors, instead choosing a confusing and somewhat frustrating port mess.

You see, in the original PC version, “Beautiful Desolation” is a point-and-click adventure game with a pre-rendered background, similar to the classic game of 1999 The longest journeyHowever, here, on Switch, it has switched to directly control the protagonist. And, completely frankly, it doesn’t work. In all. Your character will change speed and direction based on their initial wayfinding method, which makes sense when moving around, just click where you want to go and watch the character move there, not here. When presented in this way, the correct path is often a bit slow,

This forces you to forcibly break into an environment that is not designed to navigate in this way, rubbing against invisible walls, trying to determine the precise path the game will allow you to take. If this sounds unpleasant, then you are right!this is constant, See you fighting this control system throughout the 15-20 hours of competition-if The flip control is valid.

We can’t overstate the impact of this decision on our gaming experience-if we don’t review it, we will almost check it immediately after realizing that even the simplest walk around will be a difficult process. It should be heavy puzzles and challenges, not just across the screen!

What a pity, because basically in all other aspects, “Beautiful Desolation” in the worst case, interesting. This story, seeing you being pushed into the distant future, this world is both beautiful and-yes-desolate, pleasantly wild. It’s certainly far from perfect, with some rather unbalanced and unnatural dialogue, but it incorporates the very pleasant weirdness of the process, the kind of otherworldly color you can only get from decent science fiction.

In fact, the legend here is well thought out, and a lot of love has been invested in creating this world. Here, the strange alien structure of “Penrose” that appeared in South Africa ten years ago has accelerated scientific progress many times. Your player character Mark is still skeptical of this artifact and rents a helicopter with his brother for inspection. They intervened, there was an accident, and they finally jumped to post-apocalyptic South Africa in time, and then left to explore the barren but beautiful place, performing what was ultimately equivalent to a series of acquisition tasks. There are small games, but seldom fights, and things in boxing techniques can be completely avoided.

The potential of the click type-although it is not a real click due to the meaninglessness of the aforementioned controls-does not seem to be achieved particularly well here, because you are in vain looking for a viable way forward. The visual spectacle will keep you playing, because the “puzzles” are quite boring, and the way the story is told is so remote that we find it difficult to be attracted. Personality seems to get attention and continuity above the plot, and it is said that personality does not make much sense to us-a bit too weird rather than flattering. The ambiguity and general weirdness of the dialogue and the scene does not really pay off enough for perseverance.

It’s a pity that the game is full of problems, because there are some cool things here. Nevertheless, it is not suitable for Switch at all, even except for the huge pathfinding problem. Visually, it’s good in handheld or docked mode, but it stutters in both modes-and very bad. Admittedly, this is not the kind of game that requires twitch reflexes, but you will find that you have a deep desire for the 60fps PC version. Its control scheme is indeed effective and will not make you confused by cutting into quite long loads too frequently. Screen to create atmosphere or narrative charm. Maybe this is a game that can shine on the right platform, but it is not suitable for Switch hardware.

in conclusion

As you can see from the text of this review, we have always been frustrated by the beauty of desolation, this is another ambitious and cute-looking game, and its Switch incarnation is not an acceptable way to experience it- shadow Black genesisPort (though that’s better).Especially unfortunate, because this is exactly different This is what the Switch needs, but it needs to run better than what is provided here. If you can overcome problematic control, excessive load, and weak performance, you may enter a beautiful desolation. There are many things to like about its world construction, gorgeous background and interesting premises. But we feel that it just requires us to ignore the way, and there are too many problems for privileges.