Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Beast Breaker Review (Switch eShop)

Beast breakers put you in the role of skipper. Skippers are brave little mice tasked with killing giants (just to mice …) that threaten the peaceful lives of other adorable animal towns and settlements. To do this, use gameplay, which is part of a pinball game, part of a strategic RPG. This has proven to be a surprisingly good combination with many interesting ideas. The main goal of each battle is to kill another giant crystal monster, each consisting of a series of interconnected parts, each with its own health bar. Destroying one of these parts, the core, will kill the monster completely, but often you will have to scrape the chips before you can reach the other parts or have no straight shots.

The skipper is given a limited number of actions per turn, then choose from the attack menu. Normally, the skipper throws itself at the beast and bounces off its crystal skin at high speed. There is an indicator of where the first trajectory goes, but skippers often bounce off some surfaces before stopping. Therefore, an effective turn is a turn in which things are lined up. However Make sure he hits multiple surfaces at once, but you also need to consider his end points. Each turn, a red zone is marked on the field to indicate where the monster will attack, and at the end of the turn in that zone, the skipper will hit and lose strength.

It sounds simple at first, but this gameplay quickly shows enough depth. There are other weapons to use, such as bows and hammers. Each weapon type has different loadouts to change your playstyle. Second, there is the fact that certain actions build a “charge”. This is a limited resource spent on using more powerful abilities in the move set. In addition, all battles are facilitated by a short 4X-style interface that navigates small boards and looks for resources that will be advantageous in battle while the beast roams quietly around the map. What looks like a simple game at first doesn’t take long to show off that it has far more ambitions than you might think.

Fortunately, the presentation runs as well as gameplay and looks vaguely like a flash game, but seeks a personalized aesthetic. Character portraits are generally expressive and cute, but the gameplay interface is intuitive and you won’t be drowning in detail.

Beast breakers are the epitome of hidden gems and are highly recommended to try. Like its protagonist, this game may be small, but it turns out to be very effective in what it’s trying to do. The combination of creative and engaging gameplay and incredible depth creates an experience that may surprise you how fascinating it is.